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UMass fraternity throws party against COVID-19 restrictions

Students express strong emotions against first documented large gathering
Nicole Biagioni, Writer February 9, 2021
The UMass community reacts to the COVID-spreading party that took place at the Theta Chi fraternity this past weekend.
The legacy of odd Trump imagery

The legacy of odd Trump imagery

Now that the Trump presidency has ended, it is time to reckon with the odd iconography that his candidacy engendered—and what it means for the future of our politics
Joe Lancaster, Contributor January 28, 2021
In the Internet age, the traditional campaign ad has been enhanced by Twitter videos, and the traditional campaign poster has largely been supplanted by the meme. And in the age of Donald Trump, the pro-Trump memes and placards became a bizarre form of outsider art.
Are snow days dead?

Are snow days dead?

They should not end with the introduction of online school
Yang Yi Chen, Contributor January 15, 2021
Snow days might become non-existent to future generations as remote learning becomes a norm for schools all across the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this newfound way of teaching, schools can now continue classes online during big snowstorms instead of canceling classes as they did before. 
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Harry Styles ‘dressed’ to impress on the cover of Vogue

Dressed is in quotations because, yes, he wore a dress. 
Olivia Mahoney, Contributor November 30, 2020
Our age-old societal norm that every person must strictly subscribe to one or the other is unnecessarily destructive and restrictive. There’s a great deal more to worry about in this world than men who might enjoy a dress. 
My first virtual funeral

My first virtual funeral

Matt Languedoc, Writer November 26, 2020
Matt Languedoc discusses the struggles and benefits of virtual funeral services when COVID-19 has made family gatherings nearly impossible.
Trump encourages supporters to refuse to concede the election

Trump encourages supporters to refuse to concede the election

Violence ignites in Washington D.C as protestors clash
Chloe Lindahl, Writer November 25, 2020
President Trump's refusal to debrief the President-elect has put countless lives at risk as the nation faces unprecedented challenges. Although it is the end of the controversial Trump Presidency, he’s making sure to leave his mark one last time.
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Should Christmas music be listened to before Thanksgiving?

A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer November 19, 2020
A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other.
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Mass incarceration in Massachusetts

Narratives from formerly incarcerated advocates and their vision of a future beyond prisons
Talia Heisey, Writer November 16, 2020
What are the experiences of those imprisoned within Massachusetts?
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Delaware to deliver victory speech from Google Images

A whirlwind of a Presidential election

Overwhelming feelings have come to light from the results of the Election Day that turned into Election Week
Abbie Gracie, Co-News Editor November 11, 2020
On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris have officially become the president-elect and vice president-elect for the next four years, making Donald Trump one of the few incumbent presidents to lose in his race for a second term. The results brought a lot of conflicting emotions throughout the United States. 
Five ways to cope with election stress

Five ways to cope with election stress

You are not alone
Emma Sammuli, Lifestyle Editor November 6, 2020
If you are anything like me, every day has proven to be a new battle to preserve your mental health. Of course, no stress management tip or technique is a substitute for seeking help from a licensed healthcare professional, but here are five ways I have been coping with stress and anxiety these past few weeks (and months). 
Women for Biden: a suburban battleground

Women for Biden: a suburban battleground

How one group just may be Biden's saving grace
Chloe Lindahl, Writer November 2, 2020
There’s been a new influx of support for Biden that comes from an army of women, specifically suburban women, who have had a change of heart in the last four years. Although they played a critical role in the 2016 election for President Trump, many of these women are taking a different stance this year.
How I escaped 'The Proud Boys' ideology

How I escaped ‘The Proud Boys’ ideology

Matt Languedoc, Writer October 29, 2020
Before "the Proud Boys" became a hate group, I attended one of their first events in 2018. Here is how the movement has evolved, and how much my ideology has changed since.
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