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vox pop: [origin: Latin vōx populī] noun — the voice of the people; popular opinion.

Have an opinion? Make it heard!

AW Vox Pop is an ongoing forum for UMass students to voice their thoughts on community issues. We go on campus, film your opinions and publish them online, and invite you to participate through posting comments or sending in your own video responses.

Issue #3: Troops in Iraq

When Barack Obama assumes the presidency in January, one of the top issues he must deal with is the war in Iraq that’s been going on for nearly six years. What do you think Obama should do about US troops in Iraq?
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Issue #2: Election Moods

On Nov. 4, we asked UMass students and local residents how they felt and tracked the trends in moods from morning to night. This was the result. The bigger the word, the greater the frequency of its use. Click on a word to launch its video.
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Issue #1: The Budget Cut

On Oct. 15, Chancellor Holub announced to the campus community that $12 million will be cut from the university’s budget due to the economic crisis. Your opinions on what you think UMass should (or shouldn’t) reduce funding for.
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