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AW Vox Pop Issue #1: The Budget Cut

AW Vox Pop Issue #1: The Budget Cut

On Oct. 15, Chancellor Holub announced in an e-mail to the campus community that approximately $12 million will be cut from the university’s budget in response to Governor Deval Patrick’s mid-year budget cut of 5 percent due to the economic crisis. Your reactions to the announcement and opinions on what you think UMass should (or shouldn’t) reduce funding for.

S.P. Sullivan, junior journalism major
“Give this school a good reputation as an undergraduate institution before we go looking for this huge, prestigious research institution title.”

Jack Ho, junior English major
“My idea is not so much to limit what we’re spending money on as it is to create money based on what we already have.”

Charlotte Green, junior comm major
“Less police spending on unnecessary persecution of students; it’s important not to cut anything that’s going towards actual education.”

Sharon Heath, senior Japanese major
“Don’t cut funding to academic departments where they already don’t have enough money to do everything that they need to.”

Rosie Walunas, sophomore journalism major
“Cut some overlapping administrative positions, reduce some funding to student organizations, halt finding new staff and faculty.”

Chris Gazarra, super-senior comm major
“Cut some of the funding to exclusive student organizations; not enough emphasis is put on class time and programs that help students out with their actual schoolwork.”

Patrick Watson
“Since we seem to be wasting so much food, maybe we could cut down on the amount of food that we purchase.”

Jacob Mitchell, junior math/compsci major
“I don’t understand why we’re constantly doing construction; I think we’re expanding a lot faster than we need to.”

D’Alessandra Acosta, sophomore political science major
“Cut the new gym that they’re making and hold it off for a couple years; it’s not that necessary.”

Erin Callahan, junior BDIC major
“A lot of brand new buildings are being built all the time, and there are a lot of buildings that need work within them; I think we should focus on what we have.”

Julian Chaluk, junior neuroscience major
“There are a lot of inefficient administrators here. Check the efficiency of all our different offices here and figure out what jobs can be handled by a smaller group of people.”

Katelyn Conti, junior STPEC major
“We should cut back on frivolous spending like catering for events, and also construction.”

Nicole Borehan, senior philosophy major
“Everyone do their own part trying to conserve; any sort of resource that costs money should be conserved to the best of our ability.”

Philip Geovanos, super-senior biochemistry major
“I don’t think we should cut our professors’ salaries; I think that would send a bad message to other school systems.”

Chris Fields, freshman kinesiology major
“Cut construction costs during the winter; instead of focusing so much on new buildings, we should try to improve energy efficiency in the dorms.”

Jean Olenick, junior Classics major
“The last thing on the list should be teacher benefits; without the teachers we wouldn’t have any reason to be on campus.”

Alex Maslow, senior Classics major
“World-class chefs coming to the DCs; it’s a very superfluous thing that would be nice if we have the money, but we don’t.”

What do you think? Post a comment below and add your opinion to the mix.

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AW Vox Pop Issue #1: The Budget Cut