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UMass VOICE IT: What Obama should do about the troops in Iraq

AW Vox Pop Issue #3: Troops in Iraq

When Barack Obama assumes the presidency in January, one of the top issues he must deal with is the war in Iraq that’s been going on for nearly six years. What do you think Obama should do about US troops in Iraq?

Jesse Richards
“Get them back as quickly as possible and keep the region secure.”

Dan Zoto
“I feel that our presence over there is only going to be used by terrorist groups to recruit the younger generation.”

Caleb Kaufman
“It would be dumb to take the troops out immediately, he needs to have a plan of action.”

Carl Schulman
“We could possibly leave it in a worse condition than it is currently, which we made. There could be some sort of dictatorship put back in by the militia.”

Ashley Gordan
“They should absolutely withdraw the troops out of Iraq”.”

Liz Whalman
“I don’t like seeing America’s kids thrown over there and coming back without legs.”

Anthony Hall
“I think he should give those that have PTSD or physical ailments as much money and treatment as they need.”

Daniel Schwartz
“I think we’re wasting money and we’re not fighting for something valuable.”

Miguel Segarra
“I think the troops ought to come home as soon as the feasibility is available to them.”

Tatsuka St. Fort
“I think Barack Obama should bring the troops home because he’s here for change, so he needs to do that.”

What do you think? Post a comment below and add your opinion to the mix.

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UMass VOICE IT: What Obama should do about the troops in Iraq