Four international shows worth watching on Netflix

These shows will keep you on your toes.

January 21, 2019

Here’s a list of international shows that have grabbed the attention of viewers all around the world. These shows are in different languages but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to shy away from them because each show contains English subtitles and audio.

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)


A man known as “the professor” seeks out eight people and brings them to a remote location to plan what he says will be the biggest bank heist in history. The plan? To go to the Royal Mint of Spain, not kill anyone, print 2.4 billion euros and ultimately disappear without leaving any traces of who they are. While watching this show, you might find yourself giving them credit for this intricated and well thought-out plan, names (Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Denver, Rio, Oslo, Helsinki, and Nairobi) and costumes. This show keeps you on your toes because things don’t always go as planned.

Number of seasons: 2

The Rain


In this post-apocalyptic danish show, heavy rain that contains a virus starts killing people when it touches their skin. A family goes into hiding in a bunker not knowing what is happening to the rest of civilization. Their father, a scientist, goes to find help, leaving the two siblings behind to survive in the bunker for years. After six years of being in the bunker and not knowing when it will rain again, they take a risk and leave in hopes of finding their father who promised to return but didn’t.

Number of seasons: 1



“The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end.” This sci-fi and horror show deals with time travel and three different eras that are ultimately connected: 1953, 1986 and 2019, with several characters being portrayed at different ages. In the year 2019, Jonas goes out with his friends in the woods and is accompanied by one of his friends’ little brother Mikkel, who disappears that night. After weeks of trying to find out what happened to him, Jonas realizes that maybe he had disappeared in 1986 and not 2019. Thus, making things very complicated and causing Jonas to look at the past and present for answers. Because this show is complex, it’s best not to take your eyes off the screen because everything is connected.

Number of seasons: 1




In this Brazilian Netflix original series, there are two societies: people living their best and luxurious life in the Offshore without diseases and crime, and people living in the Inland—where people are struggling to survive. Their hope? A system called “the process” where people from the Inland will have only one chance to compete in physical and mental challenges to get the chance to live in the Offshore. However, only three percent of the population can make it to the Offshore every year. Thus, making the competition more gruesome, heartbreaking, and competitive. Throughout the series, it is shown that not everyone wants to go to the Offshore for the same reason.

Number of seasons: 2


If you really want to challenge yourself and learn a new language or improve your proficiency in any of these languages, try watching them in their original audio with English subtitles. You might finish the series knowing a little more than you did before. 

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