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Daft Punk performing at Coachella, 2006 / Cred. Getty Images.

Daft Punk announces sudden disbandment

The music industry loses a pioneering act, as artists, celebrities, and fans worldwide learn of the duo's permanent split
Isabel Guilmette, Writer February 24, 2021
The French duo leaves behind an electric legacy after nearly 30 years.
Artwork by Nick Contardo.

Goons Talk Tunes: Taylor Swift, The Weeknd’s halftime show and Tik Tok hits

Nick and Emma start their second season off strong
Emma Calnan and Nick Contardo February 22, 2021
Tune in for a recap on music's biggest winter hits.
Milou in his only live solo performance, Feb. 2020/Brian Licata

UMass student Milou redefines repetition in his “Groundhog’s Day”-like album

The Greenfield native creates a powerful album, "The Colorblind & The Painter" that plays perfectly day or night
Julia Donohue, Managing Editor February 18, 2021
Milou feels less like a current UMass Amherst student and more like an electronic Elliott Smith. He’s engaging, independent and interesting as he is interested in dissecting life through music.
Album Cover for

Taylor Swift kicks off discography re-recording with new single

"Love Story (Taylor's Version)" empowers the artist and the audience who have grown up with her
Isabel Guilmette, Writer February 17, 2021
The track, released Feb. 12, is just one of 26 tracks that will appear on the complete re-recording of Swift’s 2008 album "Fearless".
Photo from Wiki Commons.

The unknowable Britney Spears

What “The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears” tells us about the "Oops I Did It Again" Singer.
Kacey Connolly, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021
On Feb. 5th, Hulu released a docu-series, “The New York Times Presents,” that offers six standalone documentaries on six different topics, the last of which consists of a full-scale investigation on the life of Spears.
Photo credit: Tom Pallant

Yungblud debuts “Weird”

The British revolutionary talks new album, fans and his global digital tour
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor December 4, 2020
"It’s about if I can f****** get people from all walks of life who never thought they would be together, together then my job is done.” 
Goons Talk Tunes: Maggie Rogers, LANY and holiday tracks

Goons Talk Tunes: Maggie Rogers, LANY and holiday tracks

Nick Contardo and Emma Calnan November 23, 2020
Tune in for Nick and Emma's favorite tracks from 2020.
Photo Credit: Logan Wilder. From left to right: Tara Maggiulli, Wilson Reardon, Curtis Heimburger and Josh Polack

Mom Rock’s “I Wish Every Day Was Today” brings light to darker days

The Berklee originated group emerges as upcoming stars in music industry
Sean Dunham, Writer November 20, 2020
Featuring four catchy, feel-good songs on the EP, “I Wish Every Day was Today” truly is a must-listen if you are searching for a soundtrack that will lift you up and generate positive energy.
(Steve Walser / Flickr)

Should Christmas music be listened to before Thanksgiving?

A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer November 19, 2020
A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other.
Taylor Swift can now legally re-record all albums owned by Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift can now legally re-record all albums owned by Scooter Braun

The pop star confirmed that she will re-record her first five albums- but why?
Isabel Guilmette, Writer November 17, 2020
"Young artists or kids with musical dreams will read this and learn about how to better protect themselves in a negotiation. You deserve to own the art you make."
Goons Talk Tunes: Relaxing tracks to unwind with

Goons Talk Tunes: Relaxing tracks to unwind with

Nick Contardo and Emma Calnan November 9, 2020
Tune in for a relaxing ride with Nick and Emma.
Album cover shot by Ryan Fleming

Ashton Irwin comes into his own with solo album  “Superbloom”

The drummer turned singer steps outside of the band to show a new side of himself
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor October 30, 2020
Irwin should be seen as a dark horse in the running, with the possibility of reaching the heights of artists like Harry Styles and he shouldn’t be taken for granted.
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