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The album cover for The 1975 (Deluxe Version) 
Credit: Spotify

10 Years of The 1975: The 1975 Deluxe Edition Review

Paige Rawson, Contributor October 10, 2023

British pop-rock band The 1975 recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their self-titled debut album that was released on September 2nd, 2013. Formerly known as “Drive Like I Do” the band formed...

The exciting future of American soccer

The exciting future of American soccer

Saahil Bhakta, Contributor May 27, 2023
After a surprising run from the U.S. Men's National Team, is it finally time for American soccer to reach the next level of domestic growth? Read Saahil Bhakta's story on it here.
A New York City Yiddish theater production from 1913. Credit: New York Public Library

Dear Film Industry: Stop Exploiting Jewish Trauma

Brooke Wallenstein, Contributor April 24, 2023

If the title hasn't already made it clear, this isn't just a list of some good Jewish movies and television shows. After viewing the Netflix film "You People," starring Jonah Hill and Lauren London, I...

Orlando: A Celebration of Queerness Comes to the Rand Theater

“Orlando”: A Celebration of Queerness Comes to the Rand Theater

Maanasa Dhavala, Writer December 6, 2022
Based on a Sarah Ruhl adaptation of the Virginia Woolf novel, Orlando tells the story of a genderfluid aristocrat as they live through several centuries of history, fall in love, get their heart broken, and explore their identity. 
Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. 
Credit: Deadline

“That’s just Greed”: Controversy behind the new Dahmer series

Rachel Dufault, Contributor November 8, 2022

Netflix released a new series on Sept. 21, 2022 called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story (otherwise known as Dahmer) which stars Evan Peters as Dahmer. It shows the thoughts and actions of infamous serial...

“The Invitation:” No marketing tactic can save this movie

Brooke Wallenstien, Contributor October 24, 2022

Directed by Jessica M. Thompson and written by Blair Butler, the movie “The Invitation” (2022) new iteration of the dracula tale has gotten a lackluster reviews. The marketing team for this movie was...

Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was filmed in 1966,  its a much Halloween movie. 

Must watch classics to stream this spooky season

Rachel Dufault, Contributor October 20, 2022

Whether you like your movies to be horrifying or hilarious, here are some handpicked movies to watch this spooky season.  Grab your blanket and some of your favorite  candy because it's time for a...

“The Woman King” is a Fierce Crowd Pleaser

“The Woman King” is a Fierce Crowd Pleaser

Thomas Machacz, Contributor September 27, 2022

“The Woman King,” directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, is set in the West African kingdom of Dahomey in the early 19th century, home to the fearsome all-woman army, the Agojie. After refusing to take...

New Semester, Same Struggles: How classes hurt your wallet after the bill is paid

New Semester, Same Struggles: How classes hurt your wallet after the bill is paid

Michelle Silveira, Writer September 18, 2022

Whether you acquire all of your textbooks weeks before the semester starts, during the first week of classes, bit by bit throughout the semester, or not at all, the affordability of textbooks remains a...

Source: Philip Chappell

Finding strength through Kate Bush

Chelsea Staub, Lifestyle Editor September 8, 2022

With sweat beading down my forehead, I walked home on a hot June afternoon, quickly trying to escape the summer heat. A car surged past me with speakers blaring this season’s most favored song: Kate...

Student Debt Crisis: Will it be Cancelled?

Student Debt Crisis: Will it be Cancelled?

Zach Steward, Politics/Op-ed Editor April 26, 2022

Joe Biden will never cancel student debt. Why? While some say it’s because he can’t, that he has to go through Congress to do so, I say otherwise. He could easily cancel them with the stroke of a pen...

Higher Education: Whos it Really For?

Higher Education: Who’s it Really For?

Zach Steward, Politics/Op-ed Editor April 18, 2022

The Board of Trustees is an outdated, archaic, and foolish enterprise that should be abolished in my opinion. At present, though, they need to be more student-oriented. The decision to increase tuition...

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