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Unique places you should visit this summer

Unique places you should visit this summer

Now that classes are over, it’s time to explore some local must-sees
Rosa Vogel, Writer May 14, 2022
Looking to create some new memories with the onset of summer break? These special spots around the Pioneer Valley are perfect for a day trip or a quick visit with your family and friends. 
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Tips and tricks for getting into the garden

Find creative ways to garden at UMass
Rosa Vogel, Writer April 17, 2022
Gardening and home-grown produce can seem out of reach for students living in dorms, suites or rented off-campus housing. However, these tips make it easy to get started.
Senior Academic Advisor Amy Grieger of the Political Science department smiles at her desk.

Signing up for fall classes: A guide to building your best schedule

Useful tips on creating the perfect schedule for next semester
Adrienne Povey, Writer April 16, 2022
Course selection looks different for everyone, but these tips should offer some insight on how to prepare for the best class schedule for next semester!
Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What To Do If You Are Struggling This April

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What To Do If You Are Struggling This April

Helpful tips for prioritizing your mental health during this significant month
Aliana Liz Tavares, Writer April 13, 2022
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and while highlighting and acknowledging an issue is the first step to fixing it–thinking of personal issues is inevitable and distressing. Here are some tips to overcome uncomfortable thoughts and feelings this month.
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Five LGBTQ books to add to your reading list

Books everyone should read this spring
Maggie Norton, Writer April 8, 2022
Explore five interesting and imaginative LGBTQ books that should be added to your bookshelf immediately.
UMass students use group fitness classes to ease gym anxiety

UMass students use group fitness classes to ease gym anxiety

Fitness classes appear to be the complete opposite of the Recreation Center’s overwhelming environment
Selene Bonafini, Writer March 24, 2022
With its crowded environment, the UMass Recreation Center can often feel daunting, adding to student stress. Group fitness classes may be the perfect solution to ease stress at the overwhelming gym.
Finding alternative ways to travel abroad

Finding alternative ways to travel abroad

The college student’s hack to traveling on a budget
Lily O'Neill, Writer March 23, 2022
The reality of travel can quickly set in through time limits, added costs and general anxiety, but instead of giving up on your travel dreams, consider these endless ways to travel that are both affordable and fulfilling.
Tips for eating vegan at UMass Amherst

Tips for eating vegan at UMass Amherst

10 tricks for plant-based eating on and off campus
Adrienne Povey, Writer March 10, 2022
Whether you are a vegan for life or just want to eat more plant-based foods, here are some helpful tips to navigate vegan dining at UMass.
Ruth E. Carter speaks to students in the Bowker Auditorium. Photo courtesy Brianna Alexander

Ruth E. Carter Shows UMass an Afrofuturist Fashion Show

Embracing Black history and reimagining the future is at the core of every costume in Wakanda.
Emilee Klein, Podcast Editor February 18, 2022
Oscar-winning “Black Panther” costume designer Ruth E. Carter brought Afrofuturism from movie screens to UMass Amherst on Feb. 17 with her Black Heritage Month keynote speech about the powerful activism behind visualizing Black heritage in a technological context.
Almost Healthy: Bloating Part 1

Almost Healthy: Bloating Part 1

Emilee Klein and Sam Bozorgzadeh February 16, 2022
Sam and Emilee explain the best medically-advised ways to reduce bloating.
UMass students decorate Valentines Day cookies at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library during a food writing journalism class.

A celebration of all things pink: Single students talk about love

Rosa Vogel, Writer February 14, 2022
Valentine's Day can be special for those of us who are not in relationships, too.
Artwork by Celina Rivernider.

Marked As Read: Tamora Pierce Is Underrated

Celina Rivernider, Creative Writing Editor February 11, 2022

*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Celina and her boyfriend Liam discuss Tamora Pierce's young adult fantasy novels set in the Tortall universe. Subscribe to the Amherst Wired Network here: Spotify Produced...

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