The journalism hub provides space for group study, as well as solo work. (Patrick Kline)
The journalism hub provides space for group study, as well as solo work.

Patrick Kline

Top Five UMass Study Spots

Check out these study spots on campus that are sure to help you focus.

March 6, 2019

Finding a place to study can be quite difficult. Your dorm room may not be the best option because of noisy neighbors, an un-motivating atmosphere, and other possible distractions. Luckily, UMass is situated on over 1,400 acres, which allows for the discovery of several unique study spots that fit the study habits of anyone. Here are five interesting spots to sit down and focus on academics with minimal distraction.

1. South College

South College provides a great place to hit the books and study. As the oldest academic building on campus, it provides a rich sense of history. The front entrance dates back to 1863 when the university was first founded. Located in the heart of the campus, it’s perfect for those not seeking to study at the library. The rustic atmosphere of exposed beams and bricks shows the character of the building, and the inclusion of comfortable chairs and tables make an eclectic yet modern place.

2. Old Chapel

Old Chapel is a very quaint place and is often overlooked when choosing a study space. Similar to South College, it’s also a historic building. Built in 1885, the chapel is known as one of UMass’s most significant landmarks. Following a two-year, $21 million renovation, the building was reopened after being closed for two decades. Doubling as an events hall during the night, the seclusion and small capacity of the building is open daily for students from 10am to 4pm. This allows for minimal distraction and is an excellent location for refreshing your knowledge before an exam.

3. Integrative Learning Center (ILC)

The ILC happens to be my favorite study spot out of the five listed options. On the first floor, Peet’s is at your disposal to grab a drink and a pastry while you work. There are lounge areas on the first and second floors of the building, but they may get a bit noisy from the traffic coming in and out of the building. The best places to study are in the department hubs on the third and fourth floors. The Linguistics Hub provides a nice view of the campus pond and library, while the Journalism Hub is quiet and relaxing enough to devote all of your energy to your tasks at hand.

4. Isenberg School of Management

The recently completed Isenberg School Hub is futuristic and letss in a lot of sunlight. This $62 million renovation project includes classrooms, labs, and various student-facing spaces. I myself haven’t had a chance to explore the building yet, but I’ve heard it’s an excellent location to focus on school work. If you’re enrolled at UMass as an Isenberg student, utilizing this brand new space would be beneficial for your business-centered study habits.

5. W.E.B. DuBois Library

If all else fails, the library is the best spot to fall back on. The library provides printing and copying stations for notes or handouts. On the first floor is a cafe called the Procrastination Station and is ready to serve you to satisfy your hunger while studying. Beginning with the second floor, every third floor is a quiet floor, where there is nothing but complete silence—perfect for the student who wishes to deeply concentrate on their studies. At least here, you will be surrounded by those who also seek to perform well academically, which is a good motivator to get your work done!

UMass has so many interesting and unique study spots on campus that aren’t taken advantage of. I hope that you are able to find the perfect study spot on campus that suits your academic needs!

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