How to transform your winter outfits to spring outfits

Changing seasons does not mean completely changing your wardrobe

April 30, 2019


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As the end of the semester rolls in, I’ve found that my winter outfits are not enough to sustain the spring weather that has recently hit Amherst. If you’re like me and don’t have the bulk of your summer clothes readily available to you, here are a few ways to turn your winter wardrobe into springy outfits with a creative twist.


  1.   Don’t give up on your flannels

What could have been originally used to keep you warm during the winter season can be the perfect spring jacket. With the temperature only going up, it’s time to ditch the winter parka and opt for a flannel look. If you are searching for some inspiration, try pairing your flannels with jeans and a solid colored top. If the weather permits, break out your old Birkenstocks or flip flops to complete the look.


  1.   Oversized shirts are your friend

If you find that you are bored with the same T-shirts you have sitting in your closet, look for an overlooked, oversized shirt. The best part about finding an oversized shirt is having the ability to style it however you want. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your wardrobe. Try tucking your oversized top into your pants or tying it into a knot to create or extenuate your look. If these options still aren’t working, take a pair of scissors and cut your shirt into a tank top, or explore some more styles. Try looking online for some inspiration.  


  1.   Boots aren’t entirely useless

Since spring weather is bound to bring some showers, you’re likely not going to want to ruin your last pair of good sneakers. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black boots, whether they are made for rain or not. Mix and match your shoe styles while making sure your feet remain as dry as possible.

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  1.   Bright colors

Transitioning from winter attire to spring attire can be quite drastic in terms of color choices, but don’t be afraid to try out new colors. Spring and summer are the seasons to be daring your color choices. Try incorporating warmer hues such as yellow, orange and pink into your outfits. Pastel colors are also a typical spring look.


  1.   Jeans will never go out of style

If the weather doesn’t call for shorts, cuffing your jeans is an easy way to add some spring style. To add onto that, mom jeans have recently made a comeback. Thrift shops are a good spot to start the search for mom jeans, plus thrift shopping is a sustainable choice. If you have an old pair of jeans you just don’t love anymore, don’t throw them out. Cut them into shorts. If you want to be more creative, buy some fabric paint and add some designs or look up tutorials on how to rip your own jeans online. If all of these options don’t work out, try accessorizing. Adding a new belt is also a sure way to change up your jean look.  

A pair of mom jeans (Melanie Grados/ Amherst Wire)














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