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A slide from the Amherst Wire Facebook Live presentation shared at the College Media Association Conference in New York City in 2017.

Editor’s note: Check out the slides that go along with this resource page. Amherst Wire presented this Facebook Live guide at the College Media Association Conference in New York City in 2017.

Facebook Live is a live streaming feature that premiered last year. It is a new way to engage with your audience, give a behind-the-scenes look, capture breaking news or even air a broadcast. 


“We can stream official channels and news, as well as individual people’s perspectives in a way that was not possible just a few years ago,” the Associated Press explains.

Live broadcasts last for 90 minutes. Those who “like” your page get a notification when you go live. Your audience can react to the livestream in real time. After the livestream is complete, the video can be saved to your Facebook page and embedded on your website.


The real world

National Public Radio created a guide for Facebook Live. They broadcast live during interviews from inside their studio, on the field and even as a live sneak peak into a segment to come soon from the HDR cameras.

The New York Times uses Facebook Live regularly for celebrity interviews and political debates, and have accrued hundreds of millions of views that way.

CNN broadcasts scheduled content as well as breaking news via Facebook Live, like the crowd and protests around President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Amherst Wire on Facebook Live

Amherst Wire did a live ‘Election Night!’ broadcast Nov. 8, and a livestream of a panel hosted by the UMass Journalism Department.


Here’s a link to the free ‘Facebook Live for Journalists and Publishers’ webinar. Dale Blasingame shares tips, best practices and opportunities for using Facebook Live.

Suggested beginner toolkit

To get started with Facebook Live, you need:

Better toolkit

Using professional microphones and equipment gives you more options and will increase your production value. You may want:

  • handheld mic is best for interviews.
  • shotgun mic is great for everything else.
  • Switcher Studio Pro provides more options, such as full 90 minute streaming, then the basic free version.
  • An iPad Case is important to stay protected. Get one you can attach your gadgets to!

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