Which Major to Choose Based on your Zodiac Sign

A fun and helpful cosmic guide to finding your college major!

The age-old question “What should I major in?” has left many new college students at a loss. As a fun way to spark some inspiration, I have used good old astrology to help with deciding on which major to choose. Below I have listed all 12 zodiac signs and a major that each sign would thrive in.


ARIES – Business Major


This passionate, driven, and high-energy sign would thrive in a field where they could have the freedom and independence to lead their own projects. A business major could allow an Aries the opportunity to flourish in their natural leadership capabilities.


TAURUS – Environmental Sciences Major


As the first earth sign of the zodiac wheel, an environmental science major would be fitting for this stable and dependable sign. This sign’s grounded character makes them in tune with nature and a STEM field could give a Taurus the stability they desire. 


GEMINI – Communications Major


Known for their talkative, quick-witted, and social nature, the communications field would be a great fit for the Gemini. This sign often gets bored and needs mental stimulation; a communications major could offer a wide variety of options to keep a Gemini stimulated. 


CANCER – Early Education Major


The Cancer’s inherent nurturing instincts would make the sign feel right at home working with children. The empathy and emotional intuitiveness of a Cancer may allow them to understand young children, and therefore, create a comforting classroom. 


LEO – Acting Major


Bold, charismatic, and confident Leo would thrive in the competitive, performative field of acting. As a fire sign, a Leo may enjoy the vibrancy and adventure of the entertainment industry; Leo may adore the added attention as well. 


VIRGO – Statistics Major


The Virgo, known for their organized and analytical approach to life, could make them a perfect fit for a major like statistics. This sign may enjoy the stability that a career in statistics could offer; as an earth sign, the Virgo often values material security. 


LIBRA – Legal Studies Major


Libra’s diplomatic nature would make them a powerhouse in the courtroom. Their ability to see multiple perspectives, diffuse conflict, and analyze situations may allow a Libra to enjoy the career path of a lawyer. 


SCORPIO – Psychology Major


This deep, analytical, and emotionally intelligent sign could thrive in the field of psychology. As a water sign, the Scorpio exhibits sensitivity and a strong intuition and could find it fulfilling to help people with their own emotional intelligence and overall well-being. 


SAGITTARIUS – International Relations Major


The Sagittarius values freedom, adventure, and open-mindedness; a career that involves traveling would satisfy these needs. This sign could thrive in a major like international relations, as they would not be limited to one location or job, allowing them to have the ability to embark on new adventures. 


CAPRICORN – Economics Major


The driven, ambitious, and hardworking Capricorn highly values security and success in their career. An economics major could give the Capricorn opportunities to learn and achieve financial stability while satisfying their ambitious goals. 


AQUARIUS – Music Major


The Aquarius, known for their unique outlook and rejection of the status quo, may enjoy a major in music. The sign’s optimism and self-reliance could make them the perfect fit for a passionate career in music. 


PISCES – Art Major


This creative and emotionally in-tune sign could thrive in an art career. The Pisces, known for being a dreamer with a big imagination, has many characteristics that may make them perfect for creating inspiring art with a unique perspective. 


You can also look at your moon and rising placements to get a more specific recommendation. At the end of the day, astrology and birth charts are complex, so take what resonates! 


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