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14 Things to put on your senior bucket list

(Bob Collins)

We, the Class of 2014, have but a mere month left at UMass Amherst. While you’re wrapping your head around the idea, here is a list of fourteen things (class of 2014, 14 things…get it?) that every senior should have on his or her bucket list suggested by other seniors. So start cramming all these things into your last days!

  1. Go to more restaurants in Amherst – Michelle Tracy, Communications and Sports Management

“There’s so many food options in Amherst and I haven’t taken advantage of any of them at all,” said Tracy. Tracy’s right in saying that there are so many tasty options in town that you have to try and they are only available here. To give you some ideas of where to go, just a few on Tracy’s list are Mission Cantina, Black Sheep and Rao’s.


  1. Participate in a Bar Crawl in Amherst- Sahil Karan, Psychology

Imagine going to all your favorite bars in one night with a massive group of people. Karan wants to do a bar crawl either with his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, or his freshman year Psychology RAP. “It’s a fun thing you don’t really get to do often,” said Karan. “It’s also a good bonding experience and a reunion of sorts.” Karan’s ideal bar crawl would start out with the VFW, then move onto Stackers, McMurphys, OTT, the Pub, and finally end at High Horse.


  1. Visit the Quabbin Reservoir – Ketsia Fevrin, Public Health and Spanish

Fevrin has been to Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown a couple times already. She describes the large reservoir as beautiful and very peaceful. Fevrin plans on going again once more when the nice weather finally settles in.

  1. Drink at the Tunnel Bar in Northampton – Jamil Halaby, Kinesiology

“I feel like having a drink at Tunnel Bar and seeing some Northampton residents would be a great experience,” said Halaby, who wants to do as much as he can in the area before he graduates. The reason the Tunnel Bar made Halaby’s list is due to its ambiance that matches the laid back and cultured atmosphere of Northampton. “Plus who wouldn’t want to have a drink in a bar made in a tunnel?” Halaby said.


  1. Chill at Puffers Pond – Jess Perilli, Electrical Engineering

A popular swimming place for UMass students, North Amherst’s Puffers Pond is far more appealing once the sun comes out and the temperatures go up. And no one can forget the giant gathering in 2012. “It seems like a fun thing and I’ve never been there before,” said Perilli. If you’re feeling bold, you can jump off the cliffs into the water.


  1. Get involved in something you wanted to do while you still have a chance – Adamo Pulzone, Sports Journalism and Communication

Use this opportunity to join a club, team or RSO, or you might regret it. For Pulzone that one thing was to get back into acting. “I tried out for a couple auditions, got parts and fulfilled that goal,” said Pulzone. “If I didn’t take the chance then I wouldn’t have met some awesome people.”


  1. Amherst Farm Winery – Devyn O’Brien, Marketing

Located on Route 9, the Winery is open for tastings from Fridays to Mondays. “It’s really close (to UMass) and the pictures on the website look really beautiful,” said O’Brien, who hopes to go soon with her friends. Another great thing, O’Brien said, is that it’s cheap too.


  1. Go to Extravaganja – Jordan Saglio, Hospitality and Tourism Management

This year, the free annual festival Extravaganja was April 12, but never fear, it will be back again next year incase you missed it. “Marijuana legalization is a huge event happening in America right now,” Saglio said. “And it’s Amherst’s way of saying it is something they support.” Saglio says Extravaganja is a must because of the live music, great food, and unique vendors selling clothing, jewelry, decorations etc. “It’s something everyone needs to be a part of at least once,” Saglio said.


  1. Go to Diva’s on a Wednesday- Molly Shea, Legal Studies

According to Shea, on Wednesday nights, Diva’s in Northampton hosts Drag Wars, where drag queens compete and perform different routines. “It’s a different kind of crowd,” said Shea. “And what’s awesome is that it’s 18+, which is good if you’re not 21.” At the end of “Drag Wars,” people vote on their favorite routine of the night. Shea first went to Diva’s her sophomore year and, because it was so fun, has been a couple more times. “I remember going one time and one drag queen looked like Beyoncé,” Shea recalls. “I felt like I was watching Beyoncé.” Shea suggests bringing a lot of dollar bills if you go.


  1. Party with a professor – Alex Ball, Political Science

Try some quality bonding time with your professors outside of class. “The reason why partying with a professor is so awesome is because it removes the stigma,” said Ball, who has already checked this off his bucket list. “When you see them drinking with you, it almost makes you feel like equals or peers as opposed to the regular student teacher relationship. And they’re old too so it’s funny.”


  1. Walk the stairs to the top of the Dubois Library – Jill Crowley, Political Science and Legal Studies

“It’s the tallest library around,” Crowley said. “I think walking to the top would be a major accomplishment.” A major accomplishment indeed – 27 floors (not including the lobby).


  1. Do a sunrise hike – Sam Biggers, Communications

Last semester, Biggers and his friends decided to get up an hour before sunrise, grab some Dunkins and hike Mount Tom. “It was just a great way to start the day,” said Biggers. “And it was just such an amazing sight – the sun coming up over the whole Pioneer Valley.” There are so many places to hike around the area including Mount Sugarloaf, Mount Holyoke Range State Park and the Norwottuck Rail Trail.


  1. Use the underground tunnel from Herter to Bartlett – Melissa Pham, History

Eventually, Bartlett Hall will be torn down. Cut some time out of your commute to class and explore a part of UMass that most people think is fictional. “How many people can say they’ve walked through an underground tunnel?” Pham said. “And students don’t really know about it.”


  1. Go to a trivia night hosted at a bar – Wendy Lin, Nursing

“I’ve heard my friends won money one time,” said Lin, who if she won money would have her team buy a free round of drinks. Though Lin admits she wouldn’t be good at trivia, she said, “It still would be nice to go with your friends and it would make for good memories.” The Harp and the UPub are just a couple of the places that offer trivia night.

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