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Unique places you should visit this summer

Unique places you should visit this summer

Now that classes are over, it’s time to explore some local must-sees
Rosa Vogel, Writer May 14, 2022
Looking to create some new memories with the onset of summer break? These special spots around the Pioneer Valley are perfect for a day trip or a quick visit with your family and friends. 
Green River Music Festival 2021 (Music Festival Wizard)

A guide for local music festivals this summer

With concert season quickly approaching, here’s some recommendations for shows that you simply cannot miss!
Sean Dunham, Music Editor May 7, 2022
Buy your tickets fast, as these six music festivals are coming soon.
University of Massachusetts Police Department Building. Courtesy of UMass

UMPD and APD give the ‘all clear’ after sighting of armed man is reported

A witness sent APD a photo of a man holding a gun while sitting on a swing. APD and UMPD reported and found out it was a pellet gun.
Liesel Nygard, Writer May 2, 2022
A photo sent to the Amherst Police Department shows an individual with what looks to be a shotgun or rifle. Later it was discovered to be a pellet gun.
UMass students watching sheep graze the lawn between Isenberg and the Bromery Center. This sheep watching event was held by EweMass on April 26 and 27 to promote better land management in the UMass community.  Photo by Ethan Brayall-Brown

UMass sheep arrive on campus to promote environmental conservation

Students got to watch sheep graze the lawn between Isenberg and the Bromery Center
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Assistant News Editor April 27, 2022
Students got to watch sheep graze the lawn between Isenberg and the Bromery Center
Photo courtesy of UMass Dining

Students reflect on UMass administration’s support during Ramadan

In an interview with Melisa Avdic ‘23 and Taqdees Ahmad ‘24, both students express their concerns and satisfaction with UMass’ take on Ramadan this year.  
Christina Loberti, Writer April 22, 2022
Being in college, one might find it difficult to uphold their cultural and religious obligations in a setting outside their home. For junior Melisa Avdic and sophomore Taqdees Ahmad, celebrating Ramadan at UMass has come with both positive and negative aspects. 
Photo by Markus Spiske on flickr (

Tips and tricks for getting into the garden

Find creative ways to garden at UMass
Rosa Vogel, Writer April 17, 2022
Gardening and home-grown produce can seem out of reach for students living in dorms, suites or rented off-campus housing. However, these tips make it easy to get started.
Senior Academic Advisor Amy Grieger of the Political Science department smiles at her desk.

Signing up for fall classes: A guide to building your best schedule

Useful tips on creating the perfect schedule for next semester
Adrienne Povey, Writer April 16, 2022
Course selection looks different for everyone, but these tips should offer some insight on how to prepare for the best class schedule for next semester!
Students at Graduation 2021. Photo courtesy of UMass.

UMass makes changes to academic calendar

Students express their concerns for the next academic year and graduation.
Ava Sadowski, Writer April 15, 2022
Following an email from the Office of the Provost, UMass announced it will be making numerous changes to next year’s academic calendar. These changes include a post-Labor day start-date, extended winter break, and a later end to Spring semester. 
Offical Poster for the O-Hill Festival. Courtesy of Sawyer Phillips

A Look Inside The O-Hill Music Festival

“SALT” brings the first annual outdoor concert to UMass this weekend
Shanti Furtado, Writer April 15, 2022
Though this school year is quickly coming to a close, one thing is for certain: the music scene is not.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What To Do If You Are Struggling This April

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What To Do If You Are Struggling This April

Helpful tips for prioritizing your mental health during this significant month
Aliana Liz Tavares, Writer April 13, 2022
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and while highlighting and acknowledging an issue is the first step to fixing it–thinking of personal issues is inevitable and distressing. Here are some tips to overcome uncomfortable thoughts and feelings this month.


English and Psychology student Lara Stecewycz shares how it’s been living at UMass during Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Maddie Fabian, Writer April 12, 2022
Following Russian President Vladmir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, Ukrainian students spoke with Amherst Wire about how the evolving conflict has impacted their lives while at UMass. Here’s English and Psychology sophomore Lara Stecewycz’s, story.
Photo by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
on flickr (

Five LGBTQ books to add to your reading list

Books everyone should read this spring
Maggie Norton, Writer April 8, 2022
Explore five interesting and imaginative LGBTQ books that should be added to your bookshelf immediately.
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