Top Five: Ways to stay in the holiday spirit during finals


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Julie Harrington, Writer

As it gets colder and the end of the semester gets closer, studying for finals is the only thing standing in the way of the holidays and winter break. Instead of counting down the days until going home, there are plenty of ways to get in the holiday spirit on campus.

Here are my top five.

1. Decorate your room

Nothing makes studying harder than sitting in a boring old dorm room. If you haven’t already, it is time to break out those multicolored lights and miniature Christmas trees. There are tons of easy ways to make your room bright and festive without breaking the bank. If you have white paper, a pair of scissors and the artistic ability of an elementary schooler, you can cover your walls with paper snowflakes and make your own winter wonderland. You can even hop on the bus and go to the Dollar Store to pick up some ribbon or tinsel to decorate your door so your whole floor knows just how excited you are for the holidays. 

2. Super Late Night at Berk

After a long night of cramming for a final or writing a ten-page paper, reward yourself with some late night at Berkshire Dining Commons. Late Night’s hours are extended until the end of finals, so even if you don’t get all of your work done until 1 a.m., you can still grab some comfort food. To make your exhaustion feel festive, make yourself some hot cocoa and top it off with whipped cream from the waffle station. Nothing says the holidays like a warm, sugary treat to help you face the cold.

3. Plan a movie night

A holiday movie marathon is an easy way to take a break from studying and to celebrate the holidays. All you need is a Netflix account, a couple of blankets, some microwaveable popcorn and a few friends to turn your dorm room into your own private theatre. Pick a romantic comedy like “Love Actually” or go with a quotable classic like “Elf.” You are set for a great, festive night.

4. Bring out the holiday music and ugly Christmas sweaters

Why tell everyone how excited you are about the Christmas season when you can show them? The easiest way to pick out the most festive person in the room is by searching for the nearest ugly Christmas sweater. Combine your fashion choices with a killer playlist of your favorite holiday jams and you really can’t go wrong. How could you have a bad day with a giant reindeer on your chest and Mariah Carey serenading you through your headphones? 

5. Go ice skating at the Mullins Center

Just because classes have ended doesn’t mean activities on campus have to. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, students skate for free at the Mullins Center. Skates can be rented or sharpened for just $5, so nothing is stopping you from participating in this fun winter activity. Whether you skate circles around your friends or need someone to hold your hand around the rink to keep from falling, skating is a great way to get moving after spending hours stuck buried in books.

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