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This is the fourth installment of “Entertainment winners and losers of the week,” covering April 16-20.

It has been another wild week in the world of entertainment with many highs and lows. With so much going on in music, movies and television on a day to day basis, it’s easy to miss a few things. That’s why we’re here. Here are the Amherst Wire Entertainment staff picks for winners and losers of the week:

Jonathan Kermah

Winner: J. Cole

The leader of the Dreamville has awoken. Tuesday J.Cole surprised the world of hip-hop when he took to Twitter to announce the release of his latest album “KOD” on Friday, April 20.

Jermaine. Lamarr. Cole. This man really just snatched the triplet flows, 808s and purple drank right out the hands of all the “8-week rappers.” While for the most part, Twitter reacted positively to the album Thursday night, it’s going to be pretty hard to topple Cardi B from the top of the Billboard 200. But if anyone could do it, the “double platinum no features” rapper could.






Loser: Your favorite SoundCloud rapper

It’s not looking good for “lil whatever.” If Cole’s bars on “1985” (the last track on “KOD”) don’t get them to quit rapping about pills and promethazine, maybe hearing hip-hop’s one-man TMZ, DJ Akademiks release his own “mumble rap” song might be enough.














If a song from a keyboard paparazzi reaching the charts isn’t a sign that trap is becoming saturated with meaningless copycats, I don’t know what is.

Jordan Allen

Winner: Kendrick Lamar













In a satisfying twist of events, a music Pulitzer was awarded to Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN.” This is not only the first time a hip-hop album won the award, but it was a unanimous decision made by the entire Pulitzer music jury. While some classical music traditionalists were displeased, most members of the music community agree that it’s “about damn time” a hip-hop album won the award. Either way, it’s a good day to be a part of the rap community. Let’s hope “DAMN.” ushers in a host of new genres for the Pulitzer Prize.

Loser: Parents of these people

There is a reason we don’t need Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” anymore — we (unfortunately in this case) have social media. Maybe I’m following the wrong people on Twitter, but Danielle Bregoli, aka the “cash me ousside” girl, will not go away. Nor will these two other Dr. Phil-episodes-waiting-to-happen, Icky Vicky (Whoa Vicky) and her nine-year-old accomplice, Lil Tay. TMZ snagged a video of the three brawling somewhere “ousside” and I can’t believe this is news.












The backstory is detailed here, but do you really need to read it? Please, don’t waste your time like I did. It all circles back to “where are these kids parents” and “how did this 9-year-old become friends with Chief Keef.” It’s all useless information that I now have in my head indefinitely. Save yourself. Save Lil Tay.

Hayley Solomon

Winner: Scandal Cast and Shonda Rhimes









The widely popular show ‘Scandal’ came to an end Thursday night after 7 seasons on the air. Personally, this is a show I have been obsessed with since it aired and was sad to see it come to an end, but it had to happen. With many turns and surprises (which were expected), fans were satisfied with how the show came to a close. After rumors spread about a possible revival of the show, Shonda Rhimes quickly shut those rumors down. “I love everybody and would work with everybody again in a heartbeat, but ‘Scandal’ is finished,” said Rhimes.

Loser: The Kardashians















The Kardashians decided to close their fashion boutique, DASH, after 12 years of running. The store originally opened in 2006. Kim Kardashian said in an official statement that they were closing the door due to the fact that they have been “very busy.” “We’ve loved running Dash, but in the last few years we’ve all grown so much individually,” said Kardashian. “We’ve been busy running our own brands, as well as being moms and balancing work with our families. We know in our hearts that it’s time to move on.” Many fans are upset by this and are running to the stores to buy what’s still available.

Jack Hamm

Winner: Drake Fans


Please rise and join in celebratory anxiety, “6 god” fans; Drake has announced his new album “Scorpion.” A report by Billboard suggests the name stems from Drake’s Oct. 24 birthday correlating with the Scorpio zodiac sign. “Scorpion” is set to drop this upcoming June, a little more than a year after his “More Life” mixtape dropped last March.

Loser: Eric Bledsoe

After two abysmal games to start the playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks starting point guard Eric Bledsoe took a cheap shot at his opponent Terry Rozier III in the media. After a reporter questioned Bledsoe’s ability to match Rozier’s outpouring of 23 points in both games one and two, Bledsoe plead the fifth in a sense when he responded, “I don’t know who the f*** that is.” This kind of trash talk only works when both parties are going off, but getting cooked in crunch time doesn’t bode well for Bledsoe’s tent.

Trevor Wilson

Winner: Kanye West

It’s Yeezy season, baby!!! After a long hiatus from being in the public eye, Chicago-bred rapper Kanye West revived his Twitter with a series of insightful, thoughtful tweets regarding creativity, originality and life itself. Ye’s return to Twitter has the hip-hop world in a buzz.






West announced Thursday three, yes three, different albums. One of which will be his own, which he said will contain about seven songs set to drop on June 1. The next is a collab with Kid Cudi entitled “Kids See Ghost,” with a release date of June 8. Lastly, Kanye announced a Pusha T album set for May 25.



























West also dropped a series of shoe and clothing designs on his Twitter, giving the fashion world a little something to admire as well. With pride, I say that I am glad Kanye is back. After having suffered a serious mental breakdown during his Saint Pablo Tour, it’s nice to see one of the greats back in his bag with a new energy and mindset.

Loser: R. Kelly

This year has been quite awful for R. Kelly, and I won’t sugar-coat it, he kind of deserves it. Kelly’s name has popped up multiple times throughout the year since he was accused of sexual assault from a 14-year-old girl back in March. Kelly was said to have “groomed” the girl into a servant. Now, a new accuser has come forth accusing Kelly of giving her herpes without telling her. The woman was 19 at the time and claims she was infected in December whilst Kelly performed in Dallas. Kelly has taken a plethora of L’s this year, but don’t be shocked if his name pops up again. Kelly’s publicist, lawyer and assistant all quit  Saturday amidst the accusations of sexual abuse.

Patrick Moroney

Winner: UMass Amherst
















For the first time in my UMass career, the student body has finally united behind a cause — that cause being a free hump-day Cardi B concert. We out-swiped the country for the last couple weeks. UMass, we killed it on Tinder. This is what the founding fathers wanted when they built America. They would be proud to see a bunch of college students put their differences aside for a concert.

While UMass students are thrilled to have Cardi B perform, I’m sure there is nothing a pregnant woman would like to do more then come to the middle of Massachusetts on a Wednesday for a dating app. Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to spend your time crushing cartons of Ben & Jerry’s while finishing all of Netflix. It kind of seems like an L for Cardi B, but props to her for putting on a one-and-a-half woman show.

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