How to make a dorm feel more like home in 6 easy ways

Bringing home to a college dorm room doesn’t have to be difficult.


Between hectic classes, a bustling dining hall, and extracurriculars, a college dorm is a sanctuary from student life. With a busy schedule, a dorm should feel like a safe place to rest and destress.

1. Bring pillows from home

Whether it’s throw pillows or pillows used to sleep with, either will help you feel like you’re in the bed you have always slept in. You can also buy pillows that inspire or remind you of things you like that also go with your color scheme. 

2. Decorate the wall with items or pictures that are reminiscent of home

Simple things like filling empty walls in the room will make it feel more comfortable. Although some people do not like much on their walls, I definitely suggest putting at least one thing on them to fill the space. In my childhood bedroom, I had pictures of superheroes on the walls so I incorporate that into my dorm by creating a collage of things that inspire and make me happy. 

3. Incorporate colors that are in your room at home

Using the colors of the comforter, posters, and pillows in your room can mimic the feel of your childhood bedroom. By doing this, the space will feel more familiar, therefore, resulting in it being more relaxing. 

4. Buy a throw blanket

A throw blanket is not only convenient for when you don’t want to undo your entire bed but need some warmth. but it takes the relaxation of your bed to the next level. Moreover, you want your bed to be as comfortable as possible and this will do it.

5. Bring items that remind you of your house 

In order for your dorm to feel like a little house, bring things such as coasters, digital clocks and mugs that remind you of your childhood home. 

6. Position your bed on the side that your bed is on at home

Regardless if your roommate moved in before you or not, you can always change the setup of your room. If your bed at home is against a certain wall you can make sure that you set up your bed to mimic that here. Even if you have set up your room already, you can change the end that your pillows are on or the way your desk is set up until you are satisfied with it.

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