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With more music being released than ever before, Amherst Wire’s Entertainment team keeps you posted with some of their favorite tracks of the week. Check it out below:

Trevor Wilson, editor

Danny Brown – “Best Life”

Danny Brown is no stranger to eccentrism. As one of hip-hop’s whackiest, zaniest characters, the Detroit native continues to redefine himself and his sound. On his latest single, “Best Life,” Danny Brown practically takes you back into a time machine. In a truly old-school beat featuring filtered strings, wobbly synth bass and muddled drums, Danny spits like an “oldhead” and takes on the full persona he strives for on “Best Life.”

Employing a staccato, almost hesitant flow, Danny Brown draws you in the moment he begins delivering bars. Throughout the track, Brown discusses his come up, leaving no shortage of details on the struggles he faced while “tryna live my best life,” he raps on the hook. He wrangles with drugs, love interests and more on this eloquent track.

Kacey Connolly, editor

The Script – “The Last Time”

The Script’s latest single, “The Last Time,” impresses as their first track to what we can assume is a new album in the works. Now, I know that The Script gets looped into other bands like The Fray and OneRepublic, making recurring appearances on Pandora’s breakup anthem radio. However, after their last album “Freedom Child” sunk rather than swam back in 2017, this new single brings the band up from the dark. As always, the song is compact with emotional and deep lyrics like, “Why’s it so hard to look me in the eye? / Playing with that cross that’s on your chain / I know you only ever bite your lip / When it’s something you’re afraid to say” and “We said that it would last, but how come it’s the last time? / I’m tryna hold your hand, but feeling like my hand’s tied” that play with the heartstrings even when you don’t even have a breakup to relate it to. With their passionate lyrics, raw vocals and nostalgic beat, this single is sure to pinch your chest in a way that only The Script ever does. 

Astghik Dion, editor

DaBaby ft. Stunna 4 Vegas – “REALLY”

A few months fresh off the release of his major-label debut album, “Baby on Baby,” DaBaby releases his second project of 2019, “KIRK.” Self-titled by Jonathan Kirk, the album itself is the perfect display of DaBaby’s position in the hip-hop industry currently, delivering raps that feel as though you’re getting slapped in the face one second, and laughed at by DaBaby the next. There is a certain mix of danger and humor in DaBaby’s music, yet within this album, he displays a hidden layer of depth in his lyricism that is not seen as often.

This is not the case for “REALLY,” employing his equally reckless N.C. counterpart, Stunna 4 Vegas, DaBaby delivers what he is most known for, hype s****-talking entwined with witty one-liners. The ninth track on the album, it exemplifies the energy drenched in havoc that Stunna and DaBaby bring out in one another as they speak on their respect in the streets, and their influence on the mic, “They wanna know if he can spit for real (Uh) / He think I’m cappin’, he think I can’t get him killed for real.”

Nasya Blackshear, writer 

Dodie – “Boys Like You” 

Dodie combines old and new in her newest single “Boys Like You.”  Over a hollow drum beat and careful picking of guitar strings, her falsetto charms you in classic Dodie style; however, it’s in her lyrics that you’ll find something new. While Dodie is always one for honesty, she reminds us all what it is like to fall for the disguise that someone else creates to only be let down time and time again. “I’ve got to remember that I’m just a toy / Though you got my hopes up and now I’m annoyed.” Something about this song will make you want to dance and cry all at the same time. 

Adam Buckley, writer

Opeth – “Charlatan”

Swedish death metal-cum-progressive rock outfit Opeth release their 13th record, “In Cauda Venenum.” Few bands have such a unique pedigree, combining elements of jazz, progressive rock and death metal, and while the band may have traded in demonic growls for swirling progressive keyboards and intricate spider-like guitar work, Opeth never ceases to evolve. Charlatan is the sixth track of their latest release, “In Cauda Venenum.” Released in two versions, English and the band’s native Swedish, In Cauda Venenum harkens back to classic progressive rock of bands like King Crimson and Camel, all under the uniquely dark aesthetic all its own.

This track showcases a fantastic stop-start guitar and bass rhythm, evoking the chugging industrial girth out of early Tool. A welcome addition to the band’s formula is the synthesizer leads, lifting the track from a grinding metal slog into new creative territory. The second shortest track on the record, Charlatan hits that progressive sweet spot by avoiding overly long instrumental passages while keeping you wanting more. 

David Anderson, writer

Jail Socks – “Parting Words”

Jail Socks, an emo band out of Charlotte, S.C., released a new EP this past Friday on Sept. 27 entitled “It’s Not Forever.” The second track on the record is named “Parting Words” and it’s emo at its best. It’s a loud, guitar-driven track along with passionate vocals that touch into screams throughout. Twinkle-riffs, a staple of the emo genre, are a significant part of the track. The song as a whole seems to be about a past failed relationship and feeling manipulated by a former significant other. Anyone that has had a rough relationship in the past could feel a personal connection to this song. For others, it’s a great song to head-bang to and is a must-listen for any emo fans. 

Chloe Lindahl, writer

Noah Cyrus- “Lonely”

Noah Cyrus released her new song this week, “Lonely,” and reflects on the pitfalls of solitude. Cyrus recently ended a two-year relationship with someone who wasn’t necessarily the best person for her well being. However, she admits change often scares her more than being unhappy in a relationship. Her new songs reflect this sentiment.0

“Lonely” is the song of someone struggling with where they are in life. Her fame has taken her away from her family, she’s losing people she loves, her songs aren’t being heard and she’s struggling with self-acceptance. The ballad is a raw, honest and relatable. Cyrus is following in the footsteps of her sister by demonstrating the wide range of emotions and vocal talent she has within her. I for one am excited to see what she has next.

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