Entertainment’s Weekly Spin with Joji, Che Ecru, Lil Keed and more

From boundary pushing vocals to fresh collaborations, this week’s picks are sure to be stuck in your head.


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With more music being released than ever before, Amherst Wire’s Entertainment team keeps you posted with some of their favorite tracks of the week. Check them out below:

Astghik Dion

“Roaming” – Che Ecru

The intro to “No Guidance” by Drake and Chris Brown is what made the whole entire song for me. The cryptic melody immediately pulled me in and I found myself rewinding to the first 30 seconds just to keep hearing it. The man responsible for this addictive verse is none other than Boston native, Che Ecru. His song “Before I Die” being sampled by the two biggest names in hip-hop is what gave him his first real taste of fame, and ever since then he’s been putting out nothing but masterpieces. His latest single, “Roaming” radiates the same sensual, mysterious energy as most of his discography. It boggles my mind how he is still flying under the radar, but if you love dark R&B/hip-hop it would be in your best interest to check him out.


Ian Dartley

“Devil I Know” – Allie X

It’s rare you find a unique sound in modern-day pop. But, for three years, Allie X has been proving that it’s entirely possible. In her newest track “Devil I Know,” she decides to expand upon her recent style. In her recent album, she rarely moved away from her usual vocal tone. Now, on her most recent track, we have a bombastic and explosive track that shows her true range as a singer.

The song starts off as a casual pop song. A few of the usual chords here and there, but out of the blue comes a pounding beat that crashes into the chorus. Here’s where her explosive vocals really come out in fruition. With a sound that seems to echo “Born to Die”-era Lana del Rey, along with a slight resemblance to Halsey’s vocals, Allie X is forging something special with her new album “Cape God.”


Shane Guilfoyle 

“A-Team (You Ain’t Safe)” – Lil Yachty, Lil Keed, Zaytoven (feat. Lil Gotit)

It’s alright Mr. T, Zaytoven has it from here

If you gave me $20 to make a song and each artist charged $5, the turnout would probably look like “A-Team.” The track comes as one of a two-part early peek into the collaborative project between Lil Yachty, Lil Keed, Lil Gotit and Zaytoven, slated to release on Feb. 28.

Yachty’s linked with Zaytoven in the past, but with the added presence of Gotit and Keed, “A-Team” proves to be a unique progression in Atlanta’s continually booming scene. The collective presents bravado, finesse, and precision as they alternate between melodies. Zaytoven’s production is masterful, with a composition that amplifies more classical facets like flutes and piano through the introduction of 808’s and kicks. While similar collaborations from other artists sometimes feel crowded, “A-Team” maintains balance across its three personages. 


Nasya Blackshear

“Run” – Joji

After the success of, “Ballads 1” Joji laid low, only releasing one song in 2019. Now he’s back with “Run,” an alternative ballad that sounds tonally different from his previous works. Giving off a “Slow Dancing in the Dark” vibe, Joji sings about falling out of love to a beautiful medley of guitar, synth and bass. Lyrics like, “I know you’re not in love / Like you used to be / I guess I’m not the one / Like you used to think,” is sung in a sweet falsetto, showcasing a new vocal range and style for Joji. The song hits for anyone going through a breakup or thinking that they aren’t enough. Joji presents a song listeners can sway to while feeling the pain in his voice that resonates on a deeper level.  


Julia Donohue

“Intentions”- Justin Bieber ft. Quavo

After years of pop stardom, meltdowns and the recent “Yummy” debacle, Justin Bieber introduces a somewhat altruistic bubblegum-pop song. What’s attractive about this track has almost nothing to do with the lyrics of composition, the lyrics are simplistic and at times lean on gender roles, “Stay in the kitchen cookin’ up, got your own bread / Heart full of equity, you’re an asset.” An easy beat allows for the true beauty of this song to unfold. In his music video, Bieber highlights women from the Alexandria House in Los Angeles, which according to its website is a “transitional housing shelter for women and women with children.” Typically when people dream of Los Angeles, their mind drifts to glamour and fame, yet homelessness plagues the city. While Bieber obviously will receive positive press for his actions here and some product placement from Fiat when he gifts one of the women a car, it is notable that these acts are good. If you’re not a Bieber fan, neither am I, but if you want to see some incredible women work hard to achieve their goals, look no further than “Intentions.” 


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