Op-Ed: Problems are brewing in the Steel City

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada was better off staying in Miami rather than traveling back with Pittsburgh.

Brennan McGrevy, Contributor

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to have their first losing season under head coach Mike Tomlin, who’s never had a losing season in his 16 year NFL career with the team. The coaching staff this season for Pittsburgh is starting to appear problematic in the Steel City. The Steelers took yet another loss on Sunday Night Football falling to a pathetic 2-5 record on the season. The Steelers struggles were evident to be the predictable play calling schemes offensive coordinator Matt Canada drew up this game.

It doesn’t matter who Pittsburgh puts in at the quarterback position. Canada nine times out of ten will always start a set of downs with a run for a short gain, a second down re-run, and then third down is usually an incompletion by whoever the quarterback is or a Chase Claypool jet sweep on third and long. The frustration was obvious from Chris Boswell, the Steelers kicker. He is known as one of the nicest guys on the team but following the win against Tampa bay last week he said in a video that has surfaced on Instagram that, “It ain’t because of you, I can guarantee you that much.” This is insane because it even shows the kicker on the team getting angry at the poor coaching Canada has done.

Even receiver Diontae Johnson got into it with Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky during halftime of the Jets game that caused Trubisky to get benched. Canada’s pathetic schematics have caused the Steelers team frustration and even teammates getting into fights. Many players on the Steelers team have taken accountability for playing badly including running back Najee Harris, Trubisky and rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett, but we have seen little to no accountability come from Canada. Even Tomlin has taken accountability but we’ve heard almost nothing from Canada and it’s making Steelers Nation angry.

Pittsburgh lost to Miami on primetime on Sunday Night Football. Canada’s receivers were getting annoyed with him, specifically Claypool following the loss to the Dolphins.

This adds even more to the hot seat that Canada is on currently because while Claypool says it’s not on the play calling, it clearly is because the play calls affect who gets the ball and how the offense is run. It appears the offensive players are yet again taking the blame for Canada’s bad calls on offense. Pittsburgh’s offensive drives in the second half were five punts in a row followed up by two interceptions thrown by Pickett.

There were so many opportunities the offense had to capitalize on and take the lead during the second half of last night’s loss to Miami. The score was 16-10 with the Dolphins leading. The Steelers defense held Miami to zero points total in the entire second half and the Steelers offense still couldn’t score to turn the tide of the game. Canada’s offense couldn’t get the ball thrown in the middle of the field like they were able to in the first half. Pickens had a touchdown catch and a couple of key catches to help Pittsburgh keep the chains moving. Canada didn’t utilize receiver George Pickens as much in the second half which made zero sense considering he’s proven he can step up big time when needed.

Canada somehow hasn’t been fired yet and Steelers Nation is letting him hear it on all media platforms. His playcalling is more predictable than the alphabet. Canada needs to be fired soon or Pittsburgh might see its first losing season since 2003.

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