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The legacy of odd Trump imagery

The legacy of odd Trump imagery

Now that the Trump presidency has ended, it is time to reckon with the odd iconography that his candidacy engendered—and what it means for the future of our politics
Joe Lancaster, Contributor January 28, 2021
In the Internet age, the traditional campaign ad has been enhanced by Twitter videos, and the traditional campaign poster has largely been supplanted by the meme. And in the age of Donald Trump, the pro-Trump memes and placards became a bizarre form of outsider art.
Photo credit: Tom Pallant

Yungblud debuts “Weird”

The British revolutionary talks new album, fans and his global digital tour
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor December 4, 2020
"It’s about if I can f****** get people from all walks of life who never thought they would be together, together then my job is done.” 
Photo credit: Sony Music

Harry Styles ‘dressed’ to impress on the cover of Vogue

Dressed is in quotations because, yes, he wore a dress. 
Olivia Mahoney, Contributor November 30, 2020
Our age-old societal norm that every person must strictly subscribe to one or the other is unnecessarily destructive and restrictive. There’s a great deal more to worry about in this world than men who might enjoy a dress. 
Goons Talk Tunes: Maggie Rogers, LANY and holiday tracks

Goons Talk Tunes: Maggie Rogers, LANY and holiday tracks

Nick Contardo and Emma Calnan November 23, 2020
Tune in for Nick and Emma's favorite tracks from 2020.
Photo Credit: Logan Wilder. From left to right: Tara Maggiulli, Wilson Reardon, Curtis Heimburger and Josh Polack

Mom Rock’s “I Wish Every Day Was Today” brings light to darker days

The Berklee originated group emerges as upcoming stars in music industry
Sean Dunham, Writer November 20, 2020
Featuring four catchy, feel-good songs on the EP, “I Wish Every Day was Today” truly is a must-listen if you are searching for a soundtrack that will lift you up and generate positive energy.
“The Queen’s Gambit” is more than just a game

“The Queen’s Gambit” is more than just a game

It’s hard to make chess interesting, but this Netflix original series does just that
Aaron Vincent Facundo, Contributor November 19, 2020
The writers managed to transform chess from a classy game of wit into a tactical and psychological war between two individuals.
Taylor Swift can now legally re-record all albums owned by Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift can now legally re-record all albums owned by Scooter Braun

The pop star confirmed that she will re-record her first five albums- but why?
Isabel Guilmette, Writer November 17, 2020
"Young artists or kids with musical dreams will read this and learn about how to better protect themselves in a negotiation. You deserve to own the art you make."
Amazon Prime Video Promotional Poster

How “The Boys” flips the superhero standard

Prime's original series is a new take on the classic superhero dynamic
Aaron Vincent Facundo, Contributor November 10, 2020
Atypical of the more common PG-13 superhero films, “The Boys” is not afraid to tackle mature real-world issues with its intricate storytelling, witty dialogue and a whole lot of gruesome action sequences.
Album cover shot by Ryan Fleming

Ashton Irwin comes into his own with solo album  “Superbloom”

The drummer turned singer steps outside of the band to show a new side of himself
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor October 30, 2020
Irwin should be seen as a dark horse in the running, with the possibility of reaching the heights of artists like Harry Styles and he shouldn’t be taken for granted.

What does a live performance look like during a pandemic?

With physical gatherings out of the picture, performers are exploring unexpectedly innovative new ways to keep the arts world alive
Isabel Guilmette, Writer October 29, 2020
Digitally viewing performances, a practice once underutilized, if ever utilized at all, has now become an essential medium for the performing arts to make their voices heard, and for the first time, be more accessible than ever.
Photo taken and approved by Joelle Grace

Chaz Cardigan bares all in “Holograma”

The new EP bleeds the past, present and future of the singer-songwriter
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor October 26, 2020
“Holograma” goes there, while still being easy on the ears, but effective on the heart.
Photo taken by Charlotte Rutherford

Dorian Electra releases their second album “My Agenda”

The pop artist releases a synth-pop commentary on incel culture that’s over all too soon
Isabel Guilmette, Writer October 24, 2020
Born Dorian Electra Fridkin Gomberg, their androgynous, electronic voice, outlandish lyrics and ambiguous, yet campy look might be offsetting to the uninitiated.
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