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Reacting to Trump’s State of the Union

(Wikimedia Commons)

Vadim Trubetskoy, Writer

February 21, 2019

The speech was deemed by many critics to be a jumble of platitudes tossed together to appease the mainstream media.

Roger Stone’s Destructive Path Through Washington

Roger Stone.
(Public Domain/Lizzie Ochoa)

Amelia Marceau, Writer

February 13, 2019

Roger Stone has single-handedly been in more major political scandals in the past 47 years than anyone else in history.

Julián Castro: The San Antonio Dark Horse making a 2020 run

(Wikimedia Commons)

Katherine Scott, Writer

February 8, 2019

With a solid foundation of Democratic ideals, experience in both local and federal government, and a passionate base of Texans and Hispanic voters, it’s surprising Castro hasn’t gained more national media attention.

Is this the end of Rob Gronkowski?

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Matthew DiPesa, Assistant News Editor

February 3, 2019

New England’s fans must appreciate the greatness of Rob Gronkowski before it’s too late.

Bernie Sanders should be the 2020 Democratic nominee

(Wikimedia Commons)

Vadim Trubetskoy, Writer

January 29, 2019

I’m convinced that there is no better person to face off against President Trump in 2020 than Bernie Sanders.

Why Matthew Whitaker is harmful to America

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
(Department of Justice)

Katie Scott, Writer

January 23, 2019

The fact that President Trump would appoint such an adamant opponent of Mueller’s investigation shows he will do whatever it takes to save his presidency.

The migrant caravans are here— now what?

Line of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala waiting for breakfast.
(Creative Commons)

Amelia Marceau, Writer

January 21, 2019

The struggle at the border has only just begun.

The controversy behind John Chau and the Sentinelese people

North Sentinel Island, home to one of the last primitive tribes on Earth.
(Jesse Allen, NASA)

Nicholas Ponzio, Writer

December 26, 2018

The difficulty of retrieving Chau's body and allowing his death to go unpunished has sparked outrage across the United States.

Kanye West’s failed attempt to “Make America Great Again”

(Photo: @kanyewest/Twitter)

Olivia Amato, Contributor

December 17, 2018

Now that the rapper has recused himself from politics, students weigh in on his influence

6ix9ine, SoundCloud rap and the destruction of a platform

(Eljakim Video/Wikimedia Commons)

Trevor Wilson, Writer

December 6, 2018

SoundCloud rap, in its own right, has grown into a subgenre, but only at the cost of stripping away any originality from what was once a great platform.

Is Kamala Harris the new face of the Democratic party?

(Office of Senator Kamala Harris/Creative Commons)

Nicholas Ponzio, Writer

November 28, 2018

Kamala Harris has established herself as the new face of the Democratic party because of her progressive legislation and immense popularity.

Why women in Congress matter

 2018 Women's March in Missoula, Montana.
(Montanasuffragettes/Creative Commons)

Amelia Marceau, Writer

November 14, 2018

A record number of women were elected to Congress last week, making the 116th Congress one of the most diverse in American history.

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