#FollowFriday: Five people to follow on Twitter before the next presidential debate


(Andreas Eldh/Flickr)

The presidential debate is a wild ride.

From listening to Republican nominee Donald Trump interrupt Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton like an annoying kid in class, to sobbing to yourself about the lack of Bernie Sanders, to wondering where Jeb Bush disappeared to — there’s a lot to take in.

I know it can be hard. I mean, I wrote an entire feminist response to the first presidential debate.

But what makes debate-watching fun is the collective experience of sharing your reactions and reading those of others. Twitter allows us to quote candidates, fact-check, and angrily type our opinions in real time.

A diverse Twitter feed allows you to diversify your own profile. It is important to follow accounts that not only regurgitate quotes and information, but fact check, add context and even a bit of comic relief to the debate.

So open your Twitter app and get ready to live-tweet this Sunday. Here is a treasure trove of feminists, reporters and writers. Give them a follow to get your Twitter feed in shape for Sunday’s debate.

And be sure to use Amherst Wire hashtag #TheWireDebates to join the conversation.

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