Jackson Katz ‘82 to discuss men and #MeToo at UMass

Jackson Katz returns to UMass to discuss how men can support gender equality and be effective allies.

Elizabeth Donoghue, Contributor

AMHERST — University of Massachusetts alumni Jackson Katz will lead a discussion titled “Men & #MeToo: Possibilities and Perils in a Time of Change” on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Old Chapel.

In a timely discussion, Katz shares ways men can combat individual and institutional gender oppression and support gender equality. Katz will talk about how men are implicated in gender oppression and how they can be effective, active allies for women in the era of #MeToo.

Attendees will learn about the history of men’s engagement with gender justice issues and the connections between gender equality and other social justice movements.

Katz is equipped with scholarship and experience advocating for issues of gender, race and class.

In 1982, Katz graduated from UMass, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and became the first man to graduate from the university with a minor in women’s studies. Katz also owns a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a doctorate degree from the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.

Katz has authored books, created the award-winning documentary series “Tough Guise,” and co-founded Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), a gender violence prevention program. He also gave a Ted Talk called “Violence against men — it’s a men’s issue.”

The event is free.

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