Bernie Sanders should be the 2020 Democratic nominee

Bernie’s back, but can he survive the primaries?


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As candidates begin to announce their campaigns, excitement and anticipation for the 2020 presidential election is growing. Observers of this tumultuous period in our country’s political history are saying that this will be the most important election in the history of the Democratic party, and I am inclined to agree. Although the recent midterms gave Democrats optimism as they reclaimed the house with over eight million more votesgiving them a 36 seat lead—the Republicans still gained seats in the Senate, pushing them to a six-seat lead.

It cannot be overstated that President Donald Trump’s chances of winning—if the Democratic National Convention doesn’t play its cards right—shouldn’t be underestimated like they were in 2016.

Right now, what’s clear is that much of the country desires change. The average citizen is fed up with the Washington establishment, their corruption, empty promises and blatant self-serving. We’ve seen this sentiment play when Trump, a non-conventional candidate, ran and won on a platform of opposition to said establishment. The Democrats also just made history by putting the first Muslim, Native American and youngest representatives into office, and continue to foster the ever-growing popularity of progressiveness, even in red districts.

Because of this, I’m convinced that there is no better person to face off against Trump in 2020 than Bernie Sanders.

The DNC has made countless mistakes in recent memory—one of the most obvious being their religious support of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Backing Sanders will be a way to remedy those wrongs and genuinely listen to what their constituents all over the country want.  Sanders undoubtedly has more name recognition and likability than any other progressive, perhaps any Democrat in general.

Bernie Sanders at a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26, 2015.
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In a poll done in October, Sanders had the highest approval rating in the Senate at 63 percent. According to Gallup, he’s had a truly meteoric rise to prominence, with 76 percent of Americans not being aware of him before he announced his presidential run, dropping to less than 9 percent currently. He is the champion of progressive policies in the U.S. and stays relevant with his bold initiatives.

For example, about a month ago, he was victorious in his battle for raising the minimum wage when Amazon announced that it was raising its worker’s wages to $15 an hour. Even more recently, he organized a national town hall on climate change in response to the Trump administrations blatant neglect towards the environment.

In addition, he is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in policy-making and governing—something any incoming president will need in order to begin to repair the damage the Trump administration has done. He served eight years as the mayor of Burlington, then 16 years in the House of Representatives and is currently serving as a senator of Vermont since 2007.

One of Sanders’ biggest strengths is that he can mobilize and tap into the entire democratic populous with his powerful messaging. This is exemplified by his approval amongst minorities such as blacks and Latinxs—an area in which the DNC has lacked in—as well as his process in raising funds through small (no Super PACS) donations.

Finally, perhaps the greatest strength that Sanders has in a battle against Trump is that he actually does what Trump lied about: getting rid of corruption and taking care of the common man.

Sanders actually cares about this country and its people, which is demonstrated through his long-standing dedication to fighting for human rights. He has been an avid activist and has fought for the rights and liberties of anyone that didn’t have them.

The Guardian recently published a powerful story on how Sanders chained himself to a black woman during a 1963 civil rights protest to protect her when the police arrivedwhile we have a president in office who avoided the draft more than once because of “shin splints.” Perhaps, this act of heroism is why Sanders dominates Trump in all the polls.

The only negative thing I see people leveling against him nowadays is his age. Although 79 would make him the oldest president in history, someone with as much knowledge and experience as Sanders should not be invalidated because of age.

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