App of the week for college students: CamScanner

A scanner on-the-go.

Shannon Macalingay

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CamScanner is a great app to have for students who don’t own a scanner or don’t want to spend money on the library scanners. Most especially, it’s free, easy to use and contains very few ads. 

By using the camera in the phone, CamScanner can convert contracts and documents, class notes and slides, ID cards, or E-signatures into PDF or JPEG files. The amount of pages to scan is endless and once the document is scanned, it can be sent to anyone in a matter of seconds. 

Organizing the files is easy with just a click on the folder option. However, only three folders can be made in the free version of the app. This doesn’t have to be a problem since documents can be uploaded onto a computer desk and stored in the hard drive and then deleted on the app so you can scan more documents.

Users have the option of creating an account in order to save their files and there is a premium feature as well. The subscription is $4.99 per month or  $35.99 for the first year and $49.99 per year after that. 

The premium subscription service includes extra space, directly editing documents, exporting as .txt files, auto uploads to a desired place like Dropbox or Google Drive, and a high standard ID scan.

The app is available on both Apple and Android phones.

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