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With more music being released than ever before, Amherst Wire’s Entertainment team keeps you posted with some of their favorite tracks of the week. Check it out below:

Trevor Wilson, editor

“In My Room” – Frank Ocean

For just a moment, everything feels right when Frank Ocean releases new music. With his second single in just two weeks, it would appear that one of music’s most mysterious icons is teeing himself up for a new album. This latest track, “In My Room,” differs from it’s sleepy, ethereal predecessor, “DHL.”

With much more tempo and liveliness than “DHL,” Frank Ocean effortlessly floats braggadocious, luxury-loaded bars over bright, plucky synths and a deep, smooth 808. “In My Room” serves as a great change of pace from “DHL,” leaving listeners wondering what direction Frank Ocean will take with his potential decade-concluding album. 

David Anderson, writer

“It Might Be Time” – Tame Impala

Australian psychedelic artist Tame Impala released a new song this week. “It might be time” comes out in anticipation of their upcoming album, set to be released in early 2020. Known for their dreamlike synths and smooth riffs this new track feels familiar but also offers something new.

This song is more upbeat and chaotic with noises that sound a bit like sirens throughout. The bass in this track also seems more prominent. The high pitched vocals of  singer/songwriter Kevin Parker are immediately recognizable. He sings about aging and the worry that comes along with it that you may have lost your mojo. Although this track is still unmistakably psychedelic, it also sounds a bit more dancy and this new sound definitely makes the wait for their new album all the more exciting. 

Brianna Silva, writer

“El Potaje” – Cimafunk ft. Omara Portuondo, Chuco Valdés, Orquesta Aragón & Pancho Amat

Billboard listed Cimafunk as one of “10 Latin Artists to watch in 2019,” and his latest single “El Potaje” — featuring Omara Portuondo, Chuco Valdés, Orquesta Aragón and Pancho Amat — proves he’s a force to be reckoned with. Much like his previous work, Cimafunk seamlessly blends traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms with retro vocals, creating an entirely new genre of Latin music. The song oozes both elegance and artistry. Simply put, “El Potaje” will hit your core. You won’t be able to stop dancing to this irresistible Latin hit. 

Nasya Blackshear, writer 

“f***younoah” – Noah Cyrus ft. London On Da Track

Noah Cyrus continues to prove that she no longer lives in Miley’s shadow. Her newest single “f***younoah” featuring London On Da Track speaks to her new era of music. Cyrus takes the worst qualities of herself and puts them in a song that most people can relate to. Lyrics like, “I ain’t no bandaid for your heart / Cause I’m the one that’s leaving all your scars / And I can’t revive you ‘less I say bye to you” play over a catchy beat that sounds different to her more soulful work. Even still, she continues to shove off her vocal chops and songwriting skills with pieces that tug at your heartstrings. 

Shane Guilfoyle, writer

“Theme Music” – Tobi Lou 

Tobi Lou is an example of a multi-hyphenate. The recording artist was born in Nigeria and raised in Chicago. Before pursuing a career in the music industry Lou played in minor league baseball, but moved to LA after injury landed him off the team. Since then, he’s been steadily paving his lane through a handful of EPs and albums, with tracks tracks birthed from a contemporary blend of r&b and rap, often served with a side of visuals in the form of animated music videos that incorporates vivid color with nostalgic inspiration. Lou hits the break on this cartoon formula in his newest motocross-inspired music video, “Theme Music.”

This single is pulled from Lou’s August-released album, “Live on Ice.” The production carries an aquatic texture laid over intoxicating high-hats repetitions and distorted samples. Through the delivery and content of his versus, Lou is personal, vulnerable yet confident, and filled with buoyant joy. There’s also pop-culture references sprinkled in which gives nods to Ludacris and Britney Spears. “Theme Music” is a feel-good track that beckons for repeated plays with it’s energetic combo of high quality production and Tobi Lou’s jubilant cadence. As an artist who is  missing from most listener’s raydars, Tobi Lou is definitely worth keeping an ear on as he continues to push out slappers. 

Chloe Lindahl, writer

“Worst behavior”- ALMA ft.Tove Lo

ALMA and Tove Lo came out with a new song called “Worst behavior” this week and it combines both their unique voices in the perfect blend of angst and passion. The female empowering pop songs about a woman done with the people in her life’s lack of appreciation for her hard work and effort. She retaliates by blowing off steam the way many of us do: getting drunk and going crazy despite whatever consequences may arise. This is the perfect pair for this as Tove Lo and ALMA songs often depict catchy, party girl anthems with a dark undertone. Overall a great collaboration. 

Astghik Dion, editor

“Love Me More” – Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s newest single sets an emotional precedent to his album scheduled to release later this month, “A Love Letter To You 4.” Through “Love Me More” the audience hears Redd effortlessly switch between heartbreaking vocals and rapping, a gift that has become notorious for him. The song explores Trippie being unsatisfied in a toxic relationship, pleading his partner to return the same love he brings. “Fallin’ in love when it all ain’t right,” he narrates, sharing with his listeners the all too familiar feeling of being stuck with someone who is no good for you.

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