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Panic attack relief and anxiety relief right in your pocket

(Screenshot of Rootd / App Store)

(Screenshot of Rootd / App Store)

Emma Sammuli, Lifestyle Editor

As college students, stress and anxiousness can often occur when we attempt to balance all of our commitments. Assignments, exams, maintaining healthy relationships, staying active, eating well, working a job and joining clubs, we do it all. Some of us are able to juggle it all without putting our mental health on the backburner. However, not everyone is able to get through it all without anxiety creeping in. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders. So what can we do to help ourselves manage anxiety and avoid panic attacks?

That’s where the app Rootd comes in. Of course, it must be stated that no app is a replacement for professional help. That being said, Rootd is a cute and aesthetically pleasing app available on iOS and Android devices to help manage your relationship with panic attacks and anxiety. 

Upon downloading the app and creating a username and password, users are greeted by Ron, a teal-colored blob-shaped monster. Yes, really. He takes you through the basics of the app, which include the Rootr, the Breathr tool, the Visualizr Tool, Lessons and Stats. 

First and foremost, the Rootr is a red button located on the central page of your home screen. This button is for those who need immediate relief from a panic attack or anxiety. There are two options once the red button is selected; “Not good,” with a purple button underneath labeled, “Help me feel okay,” and “Confident” with a yellow button labeled “Let’s do this.” Either option leads to prompts with motivational words designed to help you conquer your panic attack. They also have the option of audio which reads the words to you in a soothing female voice. 

The Breathr tool leads users through inhales and exhales at a set time. The free version is one minute long, but with a subscription, users can select longer periods of time. This area of the app lets you know when to inhale and exhale to help regulate your breathing, which can often be compromised during a panic attack. 

The Visualizr tool is a sort of quick guided meditation with the same calm female voice that instructs you through a series of prompts such as inhalation/exhalation practices and focuses on the whole of your body to relax, asking you to be mindful of muscle tension. The free version is two minutes long while subscribing to the app allows users to enjoy a longer session. 

The app also has an “Understanding Lessons” section, allowing viewers to read content on anxiety and panic attacks, prefacing the section with, “Find some peace of mind by learning about where anxiety comes from, how our bodies and minds experience panic attacks, and why they might be happening to you…” This section leads you through helpful information with colorful graphics to help users better understand their anxiety. 

The app also allows users to put in a trusted contact and their phone number, in case you are logged onto the app and really just need to hear a friendly voice of someone you trust. 

To receive more content, users can purchase a subscription at only $6.99 a month. Read more about the app here. 

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