Settling for Biden: The Better Option

With less than a month until the presidential election, many Democrats are settling for a more moderate candidate than they had hoped


The presidential election is less than a month away and has proven to be the most stressful voting period in U.S History. There is a possibility of another four years of Donald Trump, whose administration has rescinded immigration rights, rolled back on climate change-fighting initiatives and inspired a new wave of white-supremacist radicalization. If you’re a registered Democrat, the choice between Trump and an experienced candidate like Joe Biden seems like a pretty simple decision. Here’s the problem: Trump has a devoted cult of personality, while Biden has polarized Democratic voters. 

Joe Biden’s potential presidency represents another four years of Obama-era neoliberalism. His campaign seems more focused on gaining Republican voters than fighting for progressive initiatives. At the debate on Sept. 29, Biden denounced both the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Biden also voted on the 1994 Crime Bill, which led to a dramatic increase in mass incarceration, and claimed authorship of the 2001 Patriot Act, which led to an uptake in surveillance on U.S citizens. Trump claims that Biden is “radical socialist,” but Biden’s policies and political history make him a more right-wing Democratic candidate.

This upcoming election has become more nuanced than a simple “lesser of two evils” argument. As a former Bernie supporter, it has been incredibly difficult to watch Biden waffle on issues like climate change, healthcare and police violence. I’m worried that this will not only hurt his campaign but that the U.S will not see the change that it desperately needs.

No matter who wins in November, millions will still be infected with COVID, undocumented immigrants will still be put in camps and the west coast will still be on fire. In order for Biden to gain my endorsement, he must support the Green New Deal, which will provide emission-free jobs for all energy. He must support Medicare For All, which will expand public healthcare for all citizens. He must abolish ICE, and eliminate all immigration detention centers. He must speak out against Qualified Immunity, which has allowed police to get away with acts of violence

Biden’s earlier campaign was to bring America “back to normal,” as in reverting America back to the Obama era. However, thousands of undocumented persons were deported under Obama. Obamacare still left millions of Americans uninsured. In short, America does not need another Obama. Instead of repeating Obama’s failures, Biden needs to adopt more progressive causes.

The Democratic Party needs to be reformed. Before we can do that, the Republican Party must lose control of the White House, the Senate and the Supreme Court.  The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett could lead to Roe V. Wade getting overturned. As long as the U.S is still removed from the Paris Climate Accord, there will be a rapid increase of carbon emissions

And yet, I’m voting Blue all across the board. My fear of a second Trump presidency is stronger than my disappointment of Biden. He’s not off the hook though. In order to earn my approval, Joe Biden needs to not only support but advocate for public healthcare, immigration rights and police abolition.


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