Poetry: “Monarch”


Astghik Dion

Durfee Conservatory (Astghik Dion/Amherst Wire)


I don’t where I’m going

I don’t know why I’m here,

But you’re all around me all the time

To make sure that I get there.

I’m not sure if there is a there

As I continue climbing up this hill,

But you assure me that my path is right

And your presence strengthens my will.

As I’m walking solo through sun rays

Hair blowing in the lonesome breeze,

You send the brewing storm away

And put my mind back at ease.

My aim is steady and firm

But I look and my target is transparent,

You’re there to help me squeeze the trigger

And see my fear of being errant.

Though my world is filling with frequent change

There is one part that stays consistent,

That is your support and unceasing touch

Despite us being significantly distant.

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