Hip-hop artist Logic’s new album drops next week

It appears this album will be a continuation of the story behind his 2015 album 'The Incredible True Story'


New Logic is on the way.

Def Jam Records signee and Visionary Music Group frontman Logic has released the trailer for his third studio album and has announced the album’s release date: May 5.

The record follows up his 2016 mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” and his 2015 album “The Incredible True Story.”

Logic is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer from Gaithersburg, Maryland. His career began in 2009 and blew up after he released his critically-acclaimed mixtape “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.” The 27-year-old rapper and producer has been quiet as of late, but this trailer proves he’s been working on his album. Logic is loved by his fans because of his genuine love and appreciation for them. He is known for his various freestyles, most notably this one where he freestyles while solving a Rubik’s cube.

It appears this album will be a continuation of the story behind “The Incredible True Story.” According to Genius, Logic set the scene for the story in the physical copy of the album.

Taking place in 2115, the original story follows a space pilot named Thomas and his partner, Kai, who from time to time interact with the ship’s artificial intelligence component, Thalia. Humans have destroyed Earth, and Thomas and Kai are leading the search for a new home, particularly a planet called Paradise.

Thomas and Kai strike up a conversation about old music. As the Aquarius III (the spaceship) readies to venture off on their mission to save mankind, Thomas explains how he just listened to a certain artist’s album. Logic’s music cues the second they depart.

The newly released trailer begins with a close up from a robot’s face, then eventually zooms out to reveal what appears to be the album cover. Interestingly enough, the characters next to the robot are the same ones from the cover of “The Incredible True Story!”

Cover art for “The Incredible True Story.”

A couple weeks after “The Incredible True Story” came out, Logic revealed the backstory behind why humans had to leave Earth in the first place in an interview with Genius, an online source that explains the meaning of music lyrics. Logic begins in 2023, when he says Japan and America have merged to create a “super nation” because resources and animals have died off quickly due to pollution. According to the story, that ends in nuclear war.

After introducing the robot, the new trailer continues zooming out to reveal a massive depiction of the album cover on display at a museum far in the future, being observed by a group of children and their teacher. The students stare in awe, making it apparent that the album is somewhat responsible for the future of the human race. The trailer ends after one of the students asks, “is that how people looked back then?”

“Yes, back in the day there were different creeds, nationalities, colors, but,” the teacher says, “It’s all different now.”

Screenshot 2017-03-29 18.33.57.png
Screenshot from Logic’s album release video on YouTube.

Here’s hoping we get to see more of Logic’s artful storytelling on this album. Stay tuned to see just how incredible the “incredible true story” becomes.

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