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This is the third installment of “Entertainment winners and losers of the week,” covering April 8-13.

It’s been another wild week in the world of entertainment with many highs and lows. With so much going on in music, movies and television on a day to day basis, it’s easy to miss a few things. That’s why we’re here. Here are the Amherst Wire Entertainment staff picks for winners and losers of the week:

Jordan Allen

Winner: John Mulaney













John Mulaney has been hot for a while now. Seriously, it seems like no one can touch this guy. On top of hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with Jack White, Mulaney was also cited as the only “highlight” of Seth Rogen’s poorly reviewed “Hilarity for Charity” Netflix special. He also got to discuss his prom experience with Cardi B and Jimmy Fallon on the “The Tonight Show.” And he was the inspiration for a high school prank in which Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat?” played on the loudspeaker for 45 minutes straight. So, yeah. It’s been a good week.


Loser: T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller isn’t a stranger to controversy. This instance, however, is just bizarre. According to Deadline, Miller called authorities on Monday night claiming there was a female passenger with a “bomb in her bag” on his Amtrak train. Officials stopped the train at Green Farms Station in Westport, Connecticut, only to find that not only was there no bomb — but Miller was on a different train entirely.



























Upon further investigation, it was discovered that an allegedly intoxicated Miller called the threat after having a “hostile exchange” with a woman in first class. After being detained at LaGuardia Airport, the former “Silicon Valley” actor was released on a $100,000 bond. The charge carries a maximum term of imprisonment of up to five years. Yikes.


Hayley Solomon

Winner: Rebel Wilson















Rebel Wilson takes home the gold this week after winning her lawsuit against publisher Bauer Media. Her case alleged that their magazine wrote articles that “portrayed her as a serial liar”. Wilson claimed that the Bauer articles state she lied about her name, age and childhood in Australia. Not only did she win her case, but the court has decided that Bauer must pay all of Wilson’s legal fees, which is around $4.5 million.


Loser: Tristan Thompson

















Just the days before Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her first child on April 12th, a video of Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson cheating with two other women spread like wildfire across the social media. There were many rumors surfacing around Khloe’s reaction to Thompson’s infidelity, but according to sources, she is trying to focus on the birth of her newborn baby girl. However, people on social media did not take this news lightly, siding with Kardashian. But, who could blame them?


Jonathan Kermah

Winner: Cardi B

Everyone wants to party with Cardi. Following the release of her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” on April 6, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was greeted with praise from just about everyone who’s anyone, ranging from her boo Offset, to Oprah Winfrey, to Greenday. The album is a shoo-in for number one on the billboard 200, with her album projected to sell around 225,000 copies in this first week alone. To add to her already great week, Cardi performed on Saturday Night Live and was the first non-white guy to host “The Tonight Show.”

Oh, and in other Cardi B news, she announced she’s pregnant and plans to go on tour with her baby bump. Cardi B is red hot right now and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Loser: The faithful black men of Twitter



















(I was originally gonna have Tristan Thompson as my loser of the week but Hayley beat me to it. Nevertheless, I’m still gonna get these jokes off.)

Infidelity isn’t something to laugh at…unless you’re deep in the depths of the most disrespectful Twitter threads out there. Like Hayley said, Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian was all over Twitter, and as they are with most things, the members of black Twitter were on their worst behavior.














Now, is it sad that these jokes feed off the pain of a pregnant woman who was cheated on? Yes, absolutely. But does that change the fact these gifs and memes made me actually laugh out loud? Not at all.

It’s a sad day for the faithful black men of America. Tristan Thompson has smeared our name, but we will recover just as we did when Kevin Hart was caught in the act of infidelity. Stay strong my brothers.


Trevor Wilson

Winner: Andre Ingram



















Ten years in the G-League can be such a crick in the neck! Or at least it was for Andre Ingram, the 32-year-old Los Angeles Lakers signee shined in his NBA debut after spending a full decade in the minors. The “rookie” notched 19 points, shooting 6 for 8 from the field and 4-5 from three-point range. Ingram helped trim the Lakers deficit down to three with 50 seconds left against the Western powerhouse Houston Rockets. Houston managed to cling on to the game, but you can’t deny the heartwarming, inspiring story that was Ingram’s debut. Ingram received congratulations from the Rockets’ own Chris Paul, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and was welcomed by “M-V-P!” chants when he stepped up to the free throw line. This play from Ingram wasn’t totally unexpected, I mean the guy is the fifth-highest scorer in G-League history, so his reputation speaks for itself. Nonetheless, Ingram shows us there’s never a bad time to get your NBA career started.


Loser: The Migos Tour

I guess they’re still really about that lifestyle. On April 6th, police in North Carolina “followed their noses” to a Migos tour bus where they smelled an overwhelming amount of marijuana. Following a show at Appalachian State, the police charged three men (don’t worry it’s not the Migos) with drug possession charges. The police found 420 grams of marijuana and 26 ounces of Xanax pills on the tour bus. Only one of the three men was given a felony charge, while the other two received citations in lieu of other arrests. Police are continuing to investigate the matter as a result. I mean, Migos has been rapping about this kinda stuff for years, I guess none of us realized how much they were actually in the thick of it. At the end of the day, they are lucky they weren’t charged as well, and I’d say this gives their hit track “Narcos” a whole new meaning.

Jack Hamm

Winner: Travis Scott


The Cactus Jack record label creator and trap mainstay will release customized Air Jordan 4s adorning the Cactus Jack emblem down the heel of the shoe. Although the price is yet to be determined, reports from both Hot New Hip-Hop and Kicks on Fire claim the drop is expected in June this year.


Loser: Lil Uzi Vert…?

It pains me to announce the unfortunate news that Lil Uzi Vert’s mobile device has been swindled by a larger conglomerate aimed at taking the kid down. No that’s a joke, instead, it’s “fallen into the hands of a vigilante leaker” via Hot New Hip-Hop. After scrolling through Uzi’s private content, the thief announced that “I feel bad for the kid he has so many platinum plaques and charting songs but for some reason he is still broke.” He went on to expose Uzi’s bosses for taking advantage of him in a bizarre twist of righteousness for Lil Uzi Vert. More information hopefully to come of this enigma…?

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