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This is the fifth installment of “Entertainment winners and losers of the week,” covering April 23-27.

It has been another wild week in the world of entertainment with many highs and lows. With so much going on in music, movies and television on a day to day basis, it’s easy to miss a few things. That’s why we’re here. Here are the Amherst Wire Entertainment staff picks for winners and losers of the week:

Jonathan Kermah

Winner: The city of Philadelphia

It’s been a great week in the city of brotherly love, with those years of trusting the process finally paying off. After a six-year playoff drought, the Philadelphia 76ers were the first NBA eastern conference team to advance to the second round Tuesday. With the Celtics missing their two best players, Lebron struggling to carry the Cavaliers past the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors … well … being the Raptors, the chances of a Philly finals appearance are looking good.

To make this moment even sweeter, Philly rapper Meek Mill was released from prison on bail Tuesday, just in time to witness the Sixers’ series-clinching home victory against the Miami Heat. Everyone from Jay-Z to Robert Kraft celebrated the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper’s return home after five months in prison for violating probation.

Even Philly comedian Kevin Hart saw victory on a smaller scale (pun intended) in J.Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” music video. As a member of the faithful black man association, I was disappointed to hear of Hart’s infidelities back in December, but even more disappointed in how he was attacked on Twitter. In the “Kevin’s Heart” video, Hart deals with the judgment from others for his cheating while also avoiding the pitfalls that put him in the situation to begin with, providing room for sympathy for a man who had been vilified for a mistake he made.  

Loser: Fans of “the old Kanye”

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Jordan Allen

Winner: Marvel fans

Avengers: Infinity War is out. Just about every character in the Marvel cinematic universe is packed into this thing. Isn’t it strange that we’ve likely reached the magnum opus of star-studded, big-budget superhero movies at this point? What’s going to happen next? A sequel, right? Infinity Wars: The Last Jedi? Just kidding, of course that’s what’s going to happen next. Fans don’t seem to mind, though.

So far Infinity War has received average to positive reviews, which is pretty typical for a Marvel film. However, it’s been strongly advised that if you are not “well-versed” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s better to catch a few of the blockbusters instead of diving in dry. Luckily, Business Insider has provided people like me (who have only seen Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man 2) with a definitive list of what to watch before experiencing what has been called “the biggest crossover in movie history.”

Loser: DC Comics

Low hanging fruit? Maybe. I’ve heard the quote “other’s success doesn’t equal your failure” before, but in this case, it kind of does. Aside from Wonder Woman, DC hasn’t even come relatively close to the acclaim or box-office success that Marvel has. Actually, they’ve made some all-out nominated stinkers such as “Suicide Squad” and the Razzie-nominated “Batman vs. Superman.” You can even watch Ben Affleck slip into a dissociative state about “BvS” here:

My question is how? With Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as some of the most recognizable characters in the world, why can’t DC do them justice? (pun not intended) Why do they keep allowing Zack Snyder to put his grubby hands on everything? Stop, please!

Hayley Solomon

Winner: Colin Jost and Michael Che

It was announced Thursday that Colin Jost and Michael Che will be hosting the 2018 Emmy Awards. This comes after an extremely successful year of being the co-hosts of “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live,” as well as being named the head-writers of the hit show. Lorne Michaels, creator of ‘SNL,’ will join them as an executive producer of the award show. “We’re proud to be the first duo hosting the Emmys since Jenna Elfman and David Hyde Pierce, and somehow that’s a real fact,” said both Jost and Che. I cannot wait to see what they have in store when the show takes place September 17, 2018.

Loser: Cardi B


If anyone went to Cardi B’s free concert via Tinder at the Mullins Center Wednesday night, they experienced a lot of free merchandise and just a glimpse of how crazy Cardi actually is. Cardi was on the stage for less than 30 minutes after following the act of DJ Party Favor, who performed for over an hour and a half. Many students were not pleased, including me, as Cardi came on extremely late and left quickly to get on the road for the Latin Billboard Awards. Since she is seven months pregnant, one can give her the benefit of the doubt. Cardi announced shortly after the concert ended that in the next few weeks she would stop performing to prepare for her baby to come.

Jack Hamm

Winner: NBA, GOT & Bleacher Report

The most improbable of marriages is back as Bleacher Report released episode 3 of “Game of Zones” season 5 Thursday. The masterminds have done it again weaving the 2018 NBA landscape seamlessly with HBO’s arguably most successful fantasy epic. As an addicted connoisseur of NBA action, these Youtube minisodes have me hooked like a fish, and I couldn’t tell you the difference between Lannister and Martell house. That in itself took a Google search so I can’t imagine the obsession an NBA and GOT fan would experience. Stay tuned for episode 4 coming soon.

Loser: “Make America Great Again” hats

The Happiest Hour, a bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan made power moves against Trump supporters this week when it won a case banning MAGA (make America great again) hats from its location. Complex News reports that customer Greg Piatek was thrown out after complaining about service. Evidently, Piatek thought his MAGA hat further encouraged the staff, prompting him to take The Happiest Hour to court over spiritual discrimination. The court swiftly denied Piatek this claim laying the groundwork for a precedent that MAGA hat adorning customers are subject to ejection for their clothing.

I guess you could argue Trump’s toupee is your spirit animal, but beyond that eerily viable claim, the court probably got this one right. Here’s a nice statement of solidarity with The Happiest Hour if you can’t make it to the city for a pint anytime soon.  

Trevor Wilson

Winner: J. Cole Fans

Coming off of his record-breaking album “KOD,” which broke Drake’s record with 64.5 million streams on the first day of its release. Those who have listened to the album know that the last song “1985” serves as the intro for what J. Cole calls “The Fall-Off.” For a while, it was unclear what “The Fall Off” actually was. Some thought it was the intro to a completely new project, while others thought it may have been symbolic of the bleak future Cole raps about for new wave rappers. However, Cole verified on Twitter that “The Fall Off” is indeed his next album release, serving almost as a sequel for “KOD.” So, J. Cole fans, there you have it. J. Cole is usually the type to let his projects breathe, taking much time in between individual projects before the next release, but this time is different. Love or hate “KOD” was a great step in discussing the climate and subject matter of hip-hop today, and it will be interesting to see what direction Cole takes on “The Fall Off.”

Loser: Bill Cosby

On April 26, longtime comedian Bill Cosby was indicted on all counts of sexual assault. The jury found him guilty on three counts of aggravated assault which means he could face up to 10 years behind bars. But let’s call Cosby a loser in the most literal sense, and this week, we also had a winner come out of this — the women of the me too movement. Their resilience and powerful stories brought the horrors of this man to light, thus demonstrating anyone, of any status, should be held accountable for heinous actions such as sexual assault. As Oprah said, “Their time is up,” and Cosby is just one of potentially many more cases that will open the dialogue on sexual assault.

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