Three major developments from the fall finale of ‘This is Us’

The countdown to January begins.


Screenshot from NBC’s “This is Us.”

Did you catch the fall finale of “This Is Us?” It was an exciting episode, with three major cliffhangers to end the first half of the season. There’s a shocking twist to Nick’s story, and we finally find out the identity of “Her.”  Beware: spoilers ahead.  If you have not watched last week’s episode, do not read any further.

PLOT TWIST: Nick’s fate is not what we expected.

Kevin and Zoe continue to learn about Jack’s time in Vietnam. They try to find the mystery woman and figure out how Jack got the necklace. Kevin is able to snatch a meeting with a historian who lived in same village as Jack in Vietnam. The historian tells Kevin that although he and Jack were on opposite sides during the war, they shared some similarities. They both were able to find peace, live happily and bury the horrors of the Vietnam War in their memories, never be discussed again. As Zoe expected, the historian knew nothing about the mystery woman and didn’t give any significant information about Jack. Kevin, clearly disappointed, tells Zoe he did not expect for it to end this way. She tells him “Maybe this is not the ending. Maybe we’re just in the middle.”

Meanwhile, we get flashbacks of Jack helping his brother get sober, and feeding him to stay healthy. Yet, while high, Nick makes it clear that he does not want to be saved, or doesn’t think he should be saved. Toward the end of the episode, there’s an attack at the camp. Jack immediately goes looking for his brother. There is a boat explosion, and of course, Nick is on board. Or is he?

The hotel employee that had been helping Kevin and Zoe reveals that he did some research on his own, and that Nick Pearson is not noted as deceased in any records. “He may be dead, but he didn’t die here in Vietnam,” the man tells them.

In an unexpected twist, Nick is indeed alive and living in Pennsylvania. How he got back from Vietnam still remains a mystery.

PRESENT: The status of Randall and Beth’s relationship is unknown.

It is debate day for Randall. At first, he struggles to compete with Brown during the debate. But by the end, he makes a huge impression on the crowd, telling them to “take a chance.” Unfortunately, Jae-Won tells Randall after the debate that the numbers are still low. He is too far behind and will likely lose the election.

When they get home, Deja asks Randall and Beth if she can go visit her mom in Delaware, assuring them she has a job and is doing well. Although hesitant, they say yes.

After Rebecca talks to her, Tess decides to confide in Randall and Beth that she is questioning her sexuality. Clearly emotional, Beth and Randall both reassure Tess that they support and love her, and are ready to talk whenever she is ready.

This news was a shock to Beth and Randall. Beth assumes that Randall will halt the campaign, since everyone in the family is under stress. From Deja wanting to see her mom, to Tess trying to figure out her sexual identity, to Beth still looking for a job, Beth assumes that Randall will drop everything for his family. But Randall is determined to see the election through.

Beth reminds Randall that he told her if she was not supportive of the campaign anymore, he would stop. She announced that she was taking away her support. He says he can’t give up now.

This is the first time we see a crack in Randall and Beth’s perfect relationship. She makes him sleep downstairs, and the future of their relationship is unclear.

FUTURE: Rebecca is “her.”

As Randall and Tess are walking to go visit “her,” Randall asks Tess if she has called her mom. Tess says  she will call from the car.

Beth, now the owner of a dance company, is teaching ballet when she hears that Tess and her father are on the way. Beth says, “We’re going to visit Randall’s mother today,” and asks the woman if she brought the pin the tail on the donkey game.

Some viewers weren’t surprise that Rebecca is “her.” Others were shocked. The purpose for the visit to Rebecca is unknown. Many think she is sick. Where Toby and Kate fit into all of this is uncertain as well.  

In all of this chaos, Toby and Kate learn the gender of their baby (a boy)! 

With so much left unsaid, the countdown to January begins.

“This Is Us” will return January 15 on NBC at 9/8c.

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