Saweetie flexes her boujee lifestyle on “Icy” EP

Saweetie’s playful one-liners accompanied by her tenacious honesty course through the project.


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The world of hip-hop is known for constantly changing, constantly shifting alongside the new artists rising within it, and among these artists are more female MCs than ever before garnering the attention of the public. In 2019, bringing pure bad b**** energy, and empowering women everywhere are MCs such as Rico Nasty, Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie.

Diamonté Harper – better known as Saweetie – is the 25-year-old “icy girl” of the Bay Area. She originally began getting noticed for freestyle videos that she made in her car and uploaded to her instagram. These began gaining popularity on social media while she attended the University of Southern California, where she studied business and communications. After graduating, she was able to put more time into her music, and what was once just a freestyle to the beat of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” eventually morphed into her breakout single, “ICY GRL,” released in October 2017. She hasn’t slowed down since.

Known for her boujee lifestyle, she released her first major label EP in March of 2018, titled “High Maintenance.” Opening the EP with the lines, “Get into your bag, stay focused, and leave these bum-a** n***** alone,” the energy of the project stays true to both the title, and the independent, hardworking queen herself.

A year later, Saweetie is back with her sophomore EP, “ICY.” While her audience has grown, she’s founded her own label, her flow has matured and nothing about her vigor towards the game has changed.

“ICY” is a seven-track EP with two features on “Emotional,” and “Tip Toes” from Quavo, who she is currently in a relationship with. Every single song boasts the assiduous spirit she began her rapping career with. When speaking to Vulture about the EP she said, “This EP is all about attitude. It’s how I talk to my girls.” Her unapologetic verses and playful one-liners accompanied by her tenacious honesty course through the project, and if you don’t feel like dumping your boyfriend or icing yourself out from head to toe after listening, then Saweetie may not be for you.

Here is my ranking of the seven-track EP.

  1. “Dipped In Ice”

Best Quotable: “I get too much love, but it ain’t enough. Diamond in the rough, princess cut.”

Knowing your worth and knowing even when you’re winning, you can win more, an inspirational queen.

  1. “Trick”

Best Quotable: “I just mind my own business, got my own business. I’m a walkin’ check, so I ain’t checkin’ for you b******.”

Saweetie couldn’t care less about what people have to say, knowing she’s self-made and prospering.

  1. “Emotional” (ft. Quavo)

Best Quotable: “I need a businessman with a dope boy chain. A businessman doing dope boy things.”

When you’re a successful woman with a taste for luxury, you want someone matching that energy. Sampling Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Crazy In Love,” the track features Saweetie’s man, Quavo. A modern day love song with a warning to be heeded about abusing her trust.

  1. “Hot Boy”

Best Quotable: “His jeweler know he only choose it if it’s froze. That’s why he chose the icy girl with the white toes (Ice)”

Saweetie is the best of the best, like the VVS diamonds her man chooses.

  1. “Tip Toes” (ft. Quavo)

Best Quotable: “Real b**** with the s***, he dependent on me.”

NOT the other way around, get your own bread and flourish ladies.

  1. “1 of 1”

Worst Quotable: “Talk a lot of s***, these b****** can get wet. Talk a lot of s*** like I got a big d***.”

First heard on her freestyle pitch for XXL Magazine (which has since been taking down), this track was met with a lot of backlash due to what some may consider horrifically cheesy lyrics. Not one of her best, but Saweetie herself said she is still growing and has a lot to learn.

  1. “My Type”

I was too busy twerking to find a quotable to this song.

The verdict: 7/10

Overall, “ICY” is a very energetic record fueled with what can only be described as bad b**** vibes and Saweetie urging her audience to never rely on a man for their own happiness and success, a lesson opposing all that rap seems to embody nowadays. The EP was an experimental one, and Saweetie said she would release more EPs before an album comes out as she still believes she has a lot to learn and hasn’t found her complete sound yet. It’s not exactly astounding lyrically – but it’s not meant to be. It’s a record meant to mirror a conversation you would have with your girls, which it accomplishes perfectly.

We are in a new golden age of hip-hop fired by strong, talented women and Saweetie is one of the many leading it.

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