Entertainment winners, losers of the week

Billy Ray Cyrus, Jordan Peele and many more celebrities are this week’s winners and losers.


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With so much happening on social media, it’s hard to keep up. Here are the highs and lows of the week, selected by the Amherst Wire Entertainment staff.

Jonathan Kermah, editor

Winner: Billy Ray Cyrus

Yes, you read that right. “Achy Breaky Heart” country singer Billy Ray Cyrus earned a huge win this week by hopping on Lil Nas X’s “Old Country Road” remix. Who could have guessed that Hannah Montana’s dad would one day sing over 808 drums and trap hi-hats?

Loser: Billboard

This has gotta be pretty awkward for Billboard. Just a week removed from them taking the original version of the song of the country charts for not being country enough, a country legend goes and hops on the remix, further authenticating the track as country. If they keep the remix off Billboard they look incorrect and discriminatory, but if they put Lil Nas X back on the country charts, their decision still looks race related. It’s almost like this decision was racist to begin with, huh?

Trevor Wilson, assistant editor

Winner: J. Cole

In the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder, several icons from hip-hop stars to NBA players have honored the late rapper in their own way. Last night, during Dreamville Fest, North Carolina rapper J.Cole became the next to pay homage to Nipsey. On one of the last songs of his set, J. Cole performed “Love Yourz” with a compilation of photos and videos of Nipsey playing in the background. A fitting, touching tribute from one of hip-hop’s most prominent artists, further displaying the impact Nipsey had on the lives of many.


Loser: Lori Loughlin

In the fallout of the bombshell “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal, actress Lori Loughlin appeared in court for the second time on Wednesday sporting an unusual appearance. Many described her appearance as “smiley,” criticizing the star of making light of the serious court proceedings. Loughlin was in no rush to enter the courtroom as she treated her arrival like she would the red carpet. She tried stopping to sign autographs and take pictures while attorneys were trying to usher her into the courtroom.

I get that no one is ever in a rush to go to court, but seriously? This is bad taste. In what should be considered an extremely serious court appearance, Loughlin takes it with a grain of salt. Maybe I’m just salty, but it seems that Loughlin doesn’t quite understand the breadth of her actions. She’s treating this court proceeding like it isn’t one of the biggest college admission scandals to surface in recent memory. Her smug, light-hearted tone is unnecessary. Try keeping that same energy in a room of kids that got denied from school while your daughter coasts in on the crew team.

Kacey Connolly, writer

Winner: Jordan Peele

It’s clear that Jordan Peele is a colossal talent in the film industry that’s here to stay. His newest thriller “Us” was an immediate sensation with a $70.3 million box office profit just on its release date with an appraisal from audience members. Aside from his newest production, Peele also released a Twilight Zone reboot that already has fans and everyone else in the world sitting on the edge of their seats merely from anticipation.

Loser: Justin Bieber

For all the beliebers out there, this week just isn’t for you. Justin Bieber posted a photo of an ultrasound on April Fools Day, tricking his followers into thinking wife Hailey Bieber was carrying a new edition to the family. Shortly after, Bieber confessed his silly joke with a new ultrasound with a puppy photoshopped where a baby would normally reside. It’s no shock that this would disappoint a good amount of people, myself not included, however Bieber received plenty of backlash, claiming his joke insensitive to those who are struggling to conceive. Bieber quickly issued an apology stating, “I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to those who can’t have children.” The struggle of child superstars who grow up and find an ability to offend so many people at once must be astonishingly real.

Julia Donohue, writer

Winner: Joaquin Phoenix

It’s hard to live up to a role that so many have played. It’s even more difficult to live up to a role that potentially resulted in its actor’s premature death and a posthumous Oscar, but Joaquin Phoenix might just do it with his take as the Joker.

“Joker,” premiering Oct. 4 of this year, released a full-length trailer this week and it has people talking. Is anyone else notable in it beside Phoenix? Brian Tyree Henry, Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy. Is it an Oscar contender? Potentially, especially considering the positive critical response to superhero movie “Black Panther.”  Is it an homage to Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”? According to Twitter, probably.

Like anything visual, seeing is believing. Watch the trailer here and get ready for Joaquin to do something phenomenal.

Loser: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans

This week saw the end of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” starring Rachel Bloom as a somewhat off individual who chases her summer camp boyfriend across the country. Vulture’s Allison Shoemaker gets behind the scenes with creators here.

While not initially a hit, Bloom’s personality paired with musical numbers that infuse gendered commentary resulted in a solid following. Nipsey Hussle, who was tragically murdered this week, even appeared in the pilot episode.

Ideas at Play, a video essay channel on YouTube, explains the series best here.

It was most certainly not a show for everyone. It meets the viewer right where they are and slaps them in the face. It’s intense saturation but nuanced. It’s dazzling showtunes but shadowed by somber material. It’s a full package bursting at the seams with color, light, sound and women.

And now it’s over.

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