Beyonce’s groundbreaking “Homecoming” gets snubbed

This past Emmy ceremony brought forth the fury of the Beyhive when her documentary “Homecoming” lost out to James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.”


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Chloe Lindahl, Writer


At the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Beyonce’s “Homecoming” was nominated in six categories in total including Variety Specials and Non-Fiction Programming. Her nominations include Best Variety Special (Pre-Recorded), Directing, Writing, Music Direction, Production Design and Costumes.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce was nominated for an Emmy in an Outstanding Variety Special and Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special. Yet despite her success in her Emmy nominated fields, she has yet to walk away with a single award in any of these fields. 

The decision shocked and outraged fans, especially those who watched the film at length and understood the tremendous amount of effort and artistic thought behind the groundbreaking performance. 

Beyonce became the first African-American woman to ever headline Coachella. She put her heart and soul into the performance, practicing seven days a week, for eight months while training an entire ensemble of dancers and performers. 

Meanwhile, she was bouncing back from a grueling pregnancy that almost left her dead. Her strength, determination and professionalism shine through in the film. Additionally, she directed the documentary herself as well, leaving us all to wonder: is there anything this woman can’t do? 

So why then did she lose out to the likes of “Corden’s Carpool Karaoke?” Corden took home the Emmy for Outstanding MiniSeries leaving indignation and incredulity in his wake. 

Corden’s series features celebrities riding along for a few hours in his car with several GoPros attached at different angles recording Corden and his celebrity guest belting out their hits. Although entertaining, it seems in no way to measure up to the performance and work of Beychella. 

Even Beyonce’s cameraman felt the need to weigh in. He highlighted the effort it took on his part to make the film a success. From attaching a couple of GoPros, “I held a heavy-a** camera and walked backward keeping these 3 legends in the frame while Dave held a carabiner on my pants to guide me…Oh and I did it going down a set of stairs,” he stated on Twitter. 

He attached the picture below for context, but his job remained even harder than it seemed. During most of the show, he was walking backward either down a flight of stairs or around sharp bends.

 The camera crew had to develop a system where another cameraman attached a carabiner to the back of his shirt and tap three times on his right hip when he was 10 feet from turning and then tap repetitively when he was two feet from turning. 

Meanwhile, Corden went on to win two more Emmys for the night including Outstanding Technical Direction and Outstanding Short Form Variety Series. Although not undeserving of success, it brings up the question of how are the final decisions made and what truly is the criteria for winning. 

“Homecoming” remains groundbreaking in so many different facets yet received no recognition for the work done and the achievements made, thus leaving fans rightfully angry.

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