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Our second installment of the weekly playlist series features a wide variety of artists.


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With more music being released than ever before, Amherst Wire’s Entertainment team keeps you posted with some of their favorite tracks of the week. Check it out below:

Trevor Wilson, editor

JPEGMAFIA – “All My Heroes Are Cornballs”

After releasing his third studio album “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” on Sept. 13, Maryland-based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer JPEGMAFIA leaves no shortage of creativity on his project. This particular track, which happens to don the same name as the album, stands out as one of Peggy’s strongest on the project. Driven by distorted, piercing keys, the infectious melody drives a groove that will have your head rocking through the song’s duration. Coupled with filtered, punchy and raw drums, Peggy constructs a chaotic yet thematically sound track. Peggy hones in on his rising fame and calls out imitators with lyrics like, “When I hit the stage, I hope that my enemies watchin’ / Damn I wonder when they droppin’? / Why these wiggas always showin’ up when n***** be poppin’?” The track is a bold statement, but one that Peggy can boast with impeccable production.

Kacey Connolly, editor

Maroon 5 – “Memories” 

Pop-rock band Maroon 5 is back with a new single following their fairly recent 2018 album “Red Pills Blue,” continuing the acoustic flare that was sprinkled in their latest album. Their song “Memories” highlights the nostalgic feeling that drunken memories of past lovers provide with a steady half-electric, half-acoustic vibe. Adam Levine impresses once again with his many levels of vocality, implementing his infamous high pitch with a lower, deeper tone that invokes a certain type of emotion that makes you both equally happy and sad while listening to lines like, “Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not / ‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories.” 

Chloe Lindahl, writer

Liam Payne (ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) – “Stack it up” 

Liam Payne came out with a new song this week called “Stack It Up” featuring A Boogie. Unsurprisingly, it’s kind of a jam. “Stack It Up” has similar vibes to Payne’s last hit single, “Strip That Down,” with equally catchy beats and compelling vocals. A Boogie’s voice perfectly complements Payne’s as well, only heightening the song’s appeal.

The song itself doesn’t hide any sort of deep message, with the simple themes of grinding to get rich. Truthfully, that sounds really appealing to someone who’s been putting off buying groceries for the last three weeks so why not. Use it as an inspiration to get going and maybe open a savings account? Or, just ignore the lyrics and their somewhat cringy sing-song spelling out of every other word and just focus on the catchy tune and talented voices of these two. 

Nasya Blackshear, contributor

Charli XCX (ft. Clairo and Yaegi) – “February 2017”

Charli XCX comes back with a new album and she hasn’t disappointed. With many features this go around, “February 2017” features up-and-comer Clairo as well as Yaeji. This is the perfect heartbreak record combining a fun techno beat and apologetic lyrics with lines like “Sorry I broke you down, sorry I tore your heart / I ripped it all apart, your headlights in the dark.” Listeners can feel the deeper emotions that lie within the lyrics and dance to the sound of a heart falling apart. 

Brianna Silva, contributor

Emicida (ft. Ibeyi)  – “Libre”

Brazilian rapper Emicida joins French duo Ibeyi (twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz) in this distinct and powerful hit. The song — which blends Brazilian funk with the passionate vocals of Ibeyi — creates a fun and empowering experience. It features a combination of simple, fun and political lyrics like “Love, libre, libre, libre / Clap, libre, libre, libre / Twerk, libre, libre, libre / Nós, libre, aqui somos libres.” As the lyrics blend seamlessly with the song’s contagious beats, it’s clear “Libre” is the perfect musical hybrid to advocate for individual and political freedom. Emicida and Ibeyi’s chemistry create an addictive rhythm, one that reaches deep down into their listeners’ hips. You can’t help but dance.

David Anderson, contributor

She/Her/Hers – “Kill The Boy Band”

She/Her/Hers is a punk band from Lansing, Michigan that has been releasing music since 2015. What sets them apart from the rest is the subject matter that many of their songs are comprised of: Gender, or more appropriately the defiance of gender. Just three days ago they released a song called “Kill the Boy Band” which is included in an EP of the same name. This version of the song is actually a full band rendition of the original from 2018.

When the song opens it does not hesitate, getting straight into the fierce guitar and drums which are driven by a strong brass section. The vocals are angry, often turning into yelling. The song criticizes the punk scene for not being very diverse with lyrics such as “So you started a band? / Well, let me guess who’s in it / All-straight all-white able-bodied cis men,” and “Say you don’t know many female musicians / Why the f*** would they want to be part of a scene with people like you in it?” The song is fun and ferocious and makes you wish you were in a mosh pit.

Adam Buckley, contributor

Ghost – “Kiss The Go-Goat”

Who knew Satan could be so much fun? Swedish occult metal outfit Ghost released a 2-song EP ahead of the deluxe edition of their Grammy nominated Prequelle. The track is an infectiously fun ride through swirling keyboard melodies, vocal harmonies and classic Ghostly blasphemy. Sonically, they have more in common with pop-rock bands like ABBA than their metal contemporaries, but they’re one of the few bands to wholeheartedly embrace heavy metal excess and theatricality. Ghost will be visiting Worcester two weeks before Halloween as part of their cross-country “Ultimate Tour Named Death” trek.

Shane Guilfoyle, contributor 

Jack Harlow – “WALK IN THE PARK” 

Jack Harlow saw explosive popularity when his single “SUNDOWN” went viral on Twitter. He’s now back with his first studio released EP under Atlantic Records entitled “Confetti.” The playlist’s ninth track “WALK IN THE PARK” has Harlow articulating his thought process and feelings as a new artist in the hectic rap industry. With the production of the song comes bounce, 808s strung together in catchy loops while high hats and percussion are masterfully layered upon each other to deliver a sound that’s true to the current trap zeitgeist.

Harlow’s delivery is unapologetically laid back and carries cadence through bars such as “Ain’t s*** to me its a walk in the park / ya’ll to smart can’t talk from the heart / I got sauce and its all for the chart.” Listeners can get a feel for the blueprint Harlow operates on as he finds himself transitioning from local city rapper to industry artist.

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