13 Spooky Halloween Tricks and Treats: Part I

Filled with screams, blood and guts, can you sit through each one?


(Screenshot from “Raw” Trailer / YouTube)

It’s officially October, and that means it’s time for you to find your Halloween costume, carve some pumpkins and settle down to watch some classic horror movies and bump some spine-tingling music. With the first installment in this limited series, check out three scary movies and songs to bring your “spooky season” to full potential.

“Friday the 13th”

With 12 films in its franchise, there are not many horror movies that have as great of a cultural impact as Friday the 13th. The first film in the series is one of the classic slasher movies. The film follows a group of young camp counselors as they set up for the summer season at Camp Crystal Lake as they are slowly, but surely picked off by some unknown force. The film keeps you guessing and on your toes. The twist at the end could probably never be guessed even by the most analytical audience. If you are looking for a nostalgic slasher film and want to see a staple of the horror genre this October then this is the perfect film for you. Sit down with some friends and watch….if you dare. 


“Raw” (2016)

Blending powerful French cinematography with college-hazing-gone-wrong, “Raw” is a truly sickening experience. The film follows Justine, a strict vegetarian, as she navigates her first year of veterinary school. But when Justine is desperate to make friends, she takes drastic measures. After eating raw meat for the first time, Justine’s hunger for blood quickly spirals out of control. “Raw” features a wide array of classic horror elements like jump scares and suspense, making it a perfect cinematic experience for any level of horror fan. This French twist to the cannibal subgenre is a must-see if your stomach can handle it. 

Misfits “Halloween”

What good is a Halloween Party without the Misfits? Horror punk progenitors the Misfits blend classic horror movie themes and imagery with three-chord punk rock into their own infectiously fun mixture. Going down like a nice piece of candy, Halloween hits at under two minutes, as the band’s lead singer Glenn Danzig croons “Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night, I remember Halloween.” As all good horror movies eventually do, the track’s themes take a darker turn as the song evolves. No spoilers, but check your candy for surprises.

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