PodCheck: Episode one

Uncover the vaping epidemic with PodCheck.

PodCheck: Episode one

Celina Rivernider and Maggie Yonce

In the pilot episode of AmherstWire’s first investigative news podcast, Celina Rivernider and Maggie Yonce go over the vaping epidemic, ending with a fact checking segment.


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Consume Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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New York Times, vaping illness article

CDC press release

CDC Youth and Tobacco Use

CDC Smoking & Tobacco Use


New York Government

New York Times, THC article

New York Times, helping teens quit article

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New York Times, vaping illness climbs article

Examination of lungs and symptoms from vaping

New York Times, explanation of above examination 

New York Times, vitamin E article



Produced by: Kacey Connolly

Edited by: Kacey Connolly

Music by: Trevor Wilson


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