Introspective Ramblings: “Who’s in the room?”


Paige Roy, Contributor

Editor’s Note: In a new addition to the magazine, we are introducing the “Introspective Ramblings” column which will feature student’s poetry. Below is a hauntingly poignant piece that effectively exemplifies the power that poetry can have.






Who’s in the Room? 


It’s hard to feel safe in a place where I ache. 

                                                                   Memories haunt from my fatal mistake. 


Wherever I linger,

                                                            I hesitate – 

                                                                                   for fear of facing my nightmare awake. 


I collapse into a state of unease, 

                                             afraid to exist when I know that he sees 

            the damage he’s done.                                                     I’m undone by his presence. 


                    The pit in my chest holds his lack of repentance. 

Acceptance,                          that’s the final step.

                                                                                      So they say. 

When will I finally be                      “okay?” 


If I say it out loud                              will I force its existence?


           Or is raising my voice

                                              just my form of resistance

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