Ask Beccy: How to keep social distancing from making you distant

This week’s Ask Beccy looks at the importance of maintaining your relationships with loved ones while social distancing.

Ask Beccy: How to keep social distancing from making you distant

Rebecca Aiken , Contributor

As the war against the COVID-19 wages, the precautions taken in this event may put a damper on your relationships. As social distancing, the six feet away rule, and indefinite quarantine ensues, it may seem difficult to maintain your friendships and relationships in the ways we know how, but it could be easier than you think.

I’m taking this time to look at my relationships as if they are all long-distance, and this outlook may help you deal with managing the people you cannot spend time with in person right now. Acting as if your friend is far away makes you more inclined to reach out over the phone. This tactic can take away the temptation of wanting to see your friend that lives close by in a time when it can cause danger for others. Here are some helpful tips that I’ve been doing to make sure my relationships come out of this strong. 

Your phone is the best resource. Starting off with friends, especially having several people that have come home from European abroad programs, quarantining can put a stop to your physical contact with your friends. Shooting your friend a text or a Snapchat every few days will help to let your friends know that you’re thinking of them in a time when it is easy to be selfish. These texts or snaps are a way to remind them how valued they are. Group messages are also an easy way to stay in touch and keep the group together when you all get to talk about things in one commonplace.

A regular call is your next best bet. Sometimes a text can come off a little impersonal, but giving your friends a call to ask how they’re holding up, spill the tea, or talk about anything unrelated to the virus for a few minutes could be a helpful refresher. Hearing your voice will make the interaction a little more personal, and probably brighten their day. I know when I get a phone call, it brightens mine. 

A Facetime call is as close as you will get to an in-person hangout during a lockdown. Facetiming allows you to not only see your friends but hear their voices, see their reactions, and get a better feel of their overall well-being. During Facetime, you can also add in as many people as you want so you and your girl gang can all spend some time in the group dynamic you love. This can be an excellent time to bond a little bit when you aren’t able to gather at someone’s house or a restaurant for some quality time. 

The same rules apply when it comes to your significant other. Having a long distance friend may seem easier than a long distance boyfriend or girlfriend. The physicality of these relationships have a stronger importance than your friendships. With that aspect missing during this quarantine period, the value of your phone communication may double. Keeping your S.O. on facetime while the two of you are doing homework, making some food, or hanging around the house can be a temporary solution for the time you may spend together.

Never fear, movie night will not be canceled during this time of isolation and quarantine either. Technology such as Rabbit and Netflix Party, which is a Chrome extension, creates an easy way to sync up movies and tv shows so you and your friends can watch whatever movie and binge whatever TV show you like. Several streaming platforms will also allow you to listen to music at the same time as your friends.   

The whole concept of isolation and lockdown may seem to be a bigger problem than it is. This is a time when you can spend some of your days nurturing your relationships and showing the people you love you care. Reach out, stay in touch and stay safe!


XOXO Beccy

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