Introspective Ramblings: “Temp girl, college girl”


Editor’s Note: Introspective Ramblings is Amherst Wire’s poetry column, dedicated to showcasing student’s creative work.



Temp girl, college girl


What you’ve done to me I can’t comprehend

And now I have a job because of you, the temperature girl, the bracelet girl

And how could I complain? I sit in my palace 

And I’m alone most of the day.


The temp girl, the college girl

I should be thankful to be here, do homework, get paid

But I can’t concentrate.


And you, you, you

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Your arm over my shoulder, you’re standing here by choice

It’s even the damn pitch of your voice.


The right and the wrong 

It’s the politics of it all

The world is burning

I’m stuck on you-

I should be doing school, I should be working too.

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