App of the Week: Dispo

A disposable camera right on your phone

Dispo App Icon

Dispo App Icon

Disposable cameras have really made a comeback over the past year. They’re a great way to make taking photos more interesting, and you never know what you’re going to get once the film develops. The pictures could turn out amazing (or horrible), and that’s what makes these cameras so fun! But if you’re anything like me, remembering to bring your disposable camera to “picture-worthy” outings is hard. One thing I always do have with me, however, is my phone. That’s why Dispo is the perfect combination of both. 

Dispo, created by David Dobrik, a famous Youtuber, is an app built to mimic a real disposable camera. With a disposable, you take the pictures, send out the film, and wait weeks for the prints to arrive. With Dispo, your pictures are not available until the next morning at 9 a.m., to mimic the “waiting” that comes with a real disposable. The app also filters the photos to perfectly resemble what a real disposable picture would look like. 

To use Dispo, it’s as easy as opening the app and taking a picture. There is a front-facing camera and selfie mode, and an option of flash or no flash. I recommend using flash for that added “film” effect. The morning after you take the pictures through the app, you will get a notification that your pictures are “developed” and ready to view. 

The best part is that this app is free to download. You don’t have the added costs that come with a disposable camera such as buying the camera itself or getting your pictures developed. So no more forgetting to bring your disposable camera on fun adventures. All you need is a phone and your creativity!

Dispo is available to download for Apple devices on the App store. 


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