Introspective Ramblings: “Endings Are Just Beginnings”


(Photo Credit: Joanna Buoniconti)

Editor’s Note: Introspective Ramblings is Amherst Wire’s poetry column, dedicated to showcasing student’s creative work through a mixture of audio and visual components.





Endings Are Just Beginnings


In 60 years, when my grandchildren plead with me to recount stories from my youth. While they hang on my every word as if the breath escaping from my lips could teleport them back to my days of naive simplicity. I will tell them about you. About us. About the times when the blood pulsed through our veins, our fingers cramped from exhaustion, and our smiles lit up the night sky with a glimmer of a thousand diamonds. The memories we have created will hang like well-worn tapestries in my mind until I will recount them for the anxious ears of others. Because we have imbued our marks and ignited our passions, together, to make this room that others will call home long after we are gone. Because while some things are ending, our time here will never fade from existence.


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