Water main break ends Thursday classes in Isenberg Building

Friday classes forced online or cancelled with the Isenberg Complex closed


Photo Courtesy of the @umass instagram

In an email from the UMass Amherst Emergency Alerts sent out to the campus community at around 2:36 p.m., the Isenberg Complex closed due to a water main break. 

The Innovation Hub, the newer portion of the Isenberg Complex, would remain open for classes and other activities according to the email. 

Erick Gonzalez, a Sophomore Sports Management major, was in his Operations and Information Management (OIM) class when the water main broke and he was instructed to leave around 11 p.m.

“A maintenance man told our professor we had five minutes before a sewage leak from the bathroom reached our room. He [his professor] dismissed the class and when I was leaving half of the hallway was covered in sewage water that was a couple inches deep,” said Gonzalez.

Unless face-to-face classes are located in the hub, classes will not take place. Furthermore, the email states, “At faculty discretion, face-to-face classes may be transitioned to a remote class or cancelled.” 

Students should keep an eye on their email from their professors for any update on their class or scheduled activity.

We will update this article when new information becomes available to us.

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