Polo G coming to UMass?

Will the rap superstar actually make his appearance to Amherst?


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Shanti Furtado, Writer

Editor’s Note: this story was published before artist Polo G cancelled his concert due to inclement weather in the area. An updated news article on his cancellation will be published shortly.  

Polo G is set to headline UMass Amherst’s Winter Concert this upcoming Friday. The 23-year-old hip hop artist has risen to prominence in the past few years with tracks like, “Rapstar” and “Martin & Gina.” A large amount of tickets selling out within minutes of being launched on Jan. 19, the buzz surrounding the show is imminent. 

Polo G isn’t the first big name UMass has seen. Through the school’s University Programming Council, (otherwise known as UPC), the group has booked artists from the likes of Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Jay Z, and back in the day even rock legends such as the Grateful Dead. 

Of the names listed above however, not all have made their scheduled appearances. Lil Uzi Vert is one of several musicians who have claimed they would perform a show at the school, and backed out at the last minute. 

Uzi’s 2019 headlining spot at UMass’ Spring Concert didn’t follow through on account of refusal of a, “signed contract… putting the concert in jeopardy,” according to a Facebook post from UMass’ UPC. In other cases though, artists have simply been no shows to their performances.

Take Meek Mill for example. The American rapper and justice reform activist was set to play UMass’ Blarney Blowout Celebration just before the start of the pandemic in 2020. 

Despite making the trip to Amherst, Mill decided he would not perform during the set of the opening act. His abrupt departure was one ironically enough, after he had just posted on Twitter the day prior to the event, criticizing other rappers who cancel their gigs.

Both Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill had established careers at the time of their planned bookings at UMass. As does Polo G, with a current fan base of 10 million followers on just Instagram alone. 

Thus the question begs to be posed: Will Polo G show up to his concert?

The answer is one without an unclear yes or no. There are indicators on both sides of the argument with supporting evidence. There is a clear history, in recent years even, that artists have bailed on their obligations. There is proof that artists, with just as big a following as Polo G, have in fact performed at UMass. 

At this time there is no indication of contractual disagreements or insubordination between the team of Polo G and UPC, the organization posting content promoting the concert as soon as last Monday

However, there still remains worry among students that the rapper’s show will not go on as planned. Winnie Zhao, a freshman business management major,  accounted she has tried to limit her excitement for the show this week.

“With people like A Boogie [with the Hoodie] not showing up his concert at UMaine just a few months ago, I wonder if Polo actually coming is realistic… I’ve been trying to hype myself down just in case he dubs on us,” says Zhao 

On another note, there seems to be no indication the rapper has a history of bailing on shows. Instead there have been occurrences of his concerts being canceled. In just November of last year, Polo G’s concert was canceled for the second time at the University of Rhode Island’s Ryan Center. 

First citing COVID concerns, and later lack of ticket sales,  the rapper’s show was not alone in its termination. Playboi Carti’s December 2021 booking at the Ryan Center also never occurred.

With the pandemic still very much so present in our everyday lives, comes the unpredictability of the standing of events, especially of ones expecting mass, indoor turnouts. The chance of Polo G’s concert happening, is just as much influenced by this, as it is his own personal desire to perform at UMass or not.

Musical artists past and present have attended their concerts at UMass, regardless of the fact it is a college rather than a well known venue. Come Friday, we will find out if Polo G will be added to that list.

Tickets to Polo G are still available on the Mullins Center website

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