No more wandering for weekend travel


College students barely have time to travel on the weekends, but when they do, they want to find the cheapest transportation fast. takes the frustration out of trip-planning by showing the cheapest transportation options available in one place. A startup travel search company based in Boston, Wanderu searches multiple reliable bus and train websites – similar to – to give customers the best options for their needs. Wanderu makes it easy for students to travel safely and at affordable price without wasting time booking trips.

Lev Matskevich, Wanderu’s revenue and marketing manager, described the site as a major convenience.

“We help people find the best rate tickets at the most convenient time,” said Matskevich. “So instead of going through multiple websites you just go through one.”

The process of trip-planning becomes much simpler with Wanderu because students can compare travel options side-by-side rather than combing through different sites. For those unsure of when to travel, a great trick is to buy three different weekends of ticket fares in advance at much cheaper prices. This way instead of waiting the day of your trip and buying the full price ticket, you can have options, Matskevich advises.

Many UMass students use the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority to get around the valley. Peter Pan buses are popular for traveling to Boston or New York City.

“I took the Peter Pan bus to Boston and that was about $45 to $65,” said UMass student Alicia Hastings. “I thought it was a bit high but then again the cheaper buses in Boston aren’t always the most safe or reliable.”

For some, the journey is more exciting than the destination, and some bus companies have caught on.  Companies like C and J bus include snacks, coffee and water in the price of their tickets. It’s slightly more expensive but, the seats are nicer.

“You can’t beat the price tag of $10 to $20 from Boston to New York,” says Matskevich.

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