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Mission Statement

Amherst Wire is a student-run project of the journalism department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, highlighting student needs from campus affairs to college culture. With an online magazine-style format, our focus is on good storytelling, colorful multimedia, interactivity, and fostering community dialogue on the issues that affect our lives.

Editor in Chief
Rebecca Humphrey [email protected]
Managing Editor
Jessica Troland [email protected]

Social Media Manager
Alexandra Lane [email protected]
Photography Editor
Robert Rigo [email protected]
Multimedia Editor
Elizabeth Geffre
Graphic Designer
Taylor Smaldone [email protected]

Campus Editor
Christina Gregg [email protected]
Lifestyle Editors
Rose Mirandi [email protected]
Eleine Fang [email protected]
Travel Editor
Daniel Peltier [email protected]
Entertainment Editors
Molly Boushell [email protected]
Nathalie Sczublewski [email protected]


The contributors to this site are a broad group of students who write about current issues and local news. Although the site is hosted by students at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, the views expressed here are solely those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of any institution where they are enrolled.


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