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A snapshot of the life of a Boston medical student during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Suffolk County has over 55,000 COVID-19 cases to date
January 8, 2021
Suffolk County has experienced 57,742 cases with upwards of 500 new cases every day. The rise in cases has put heavy pressure on healthcare professionals to treat COVID-19 patients faster and more effectively. Alongside healthcare professionals, roughly 700 medical students at Boston University have been struggling to continue their training during the pandemic.  

Saving yourself for the vaccine

Saving yourself for the vaccine
Hook-up culture takes a hit after the pandemic causes young adults to limit social interaction
December 9, 2020
Estridge has seen more of the university hook-up life than most people. Being an ex-sorority sister, she is not shy about the horror stories from her friends. But lately, she and her friends are all committed to occasional celibacy in order to stay healthy. 

Should Christmas music be listened to before Thanksgiving?

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A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other
November 19, 2020
A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other.

Students grapple with mental health as first fully-remote semester draws to a close

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UMass has reported 321 cases of COVID-19 since August 6
November 18, 2020
College students at UMass Amherst, many of whom expected nothing more than a two-week extension of spring break at the onset of remote learning, were thrust into a purgatory of uncertainty commandeered by a novel contagion. 

Introspective Ramblings: “Lavender”

Introspective Ramblings:
November 18, 2020
In this week's poem, Celina Rivernider, ponders about the process of reconnecting with yourself and finding unlikely history as you go.

Mass incarceration in Massachusetts

Picture from the San Francisco Bay View courtesy of Google Images
Narratives from formerly incarcerated advocates and their vision of a future beyond prisons
November 16, 2020
What are the experiences of those imprisoned within Massachusetts?

A whirlwind of a Presidential election

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Delaware to deliver victory speech from Google Images
Overwhelming feelings have come to light from the results of the Election Day that turned into Election Week
November 11, 2020
On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris have officially become the president-elect and vice president-elect for the next four years, making Donald Trump one of the few incumbent presidents to lose in his race for a second term. The results brought a lot of conflicting emotions throughout the United States. 

Everything you need to know about the 2020 Presidential elections in MA

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Biden won Massachusetts, but how this election will end remains unclear
November 7, 2020
Former vice-president, Joe Biden is projected to win Massachusetts with 11 electoral votes on election night.

Governor Charlie Baker’s new COVID-19 guidelines and its implications on UMass

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Guidelines include a stay-at-home advisory and restrictions on business' operating hours
November 6, 2020
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a new stay-at-home advisory along with other measures to fight back against COVID-19 cases. These measures go into effect on Nov. 6. This comes amidst a surge of COVID-19 cases. As of Nov. 4, there were 1,629 new cases, making a total of 103,066 COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth.

Introspective Ramblings: “Destine”

Introspective Ramblings:
November 4, 2020
In this week's poem, student poet, Celina Rivernider, powerfully reflects on hope and the connections that bring people together.

Getting to the polls while fighting homelessness

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How homeless people in Massachusetts are making their voices heard in the election
November 3, 2020
How homeless people in Massachusetts are making their voices heard in the 2020 election.

Life “upside-down”: How international students have taken UMass abroad

How international students are coping with the pandemic and classes, when they live on the other side of the world
October 27, 2020
Public universities and the college towns they are situated in rely on their ability to accommodate international students, but the fate of international students is only one of many considerations in the race to reopen.
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